Translation of hint in Spanish:


insinuación, n.

Pronunciation /hɪnt//hɪnt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (oblique reference) insinuación feminine
      (oblique reference) indirecta feminine
      (clue) pista feminine
      his actions gave no hint that he was contemplating suicide su comportamiento no dio ningún indicio / no dejó entrever que estaba considerando suicidarse
      • he gave us no hint of what was coming no nos dio ninguna pauta / no nos hizo la más mínima insinuación de lo que se avecinaba
      • a gentle/broad hint una pequeña/clara indirecta
      • Suddenly the hints and puzzle pieces began to form a point and it hit me harder than falling ten stories off an apartment building.
      • Xil thought she detected hypnotic hints in the piece.
      • There was a hint from Burns that there can be too much information.
      • Any hint that nuclear energy might fill the void is treated as serious blasphemy.
      • Sugar cannot decide if it is meant to be darkly surreal, a cheesy psychological horror movie, or a piece of modern art; there are no obvious hints.
      • They give us hints to information that could be useful and they inspire us to find it.
      • Their hints at a possible agreement made reporters froth at the mouth and swat speculation back and forth between themselves.
      • Don't be scared by the test me step though, as it is more like a ‘practice me’ because you get clues and hints as soon as you take a wrong step.
      • I like all those others but Songs From Low Story is the finest piece of alt-country - with hints of the circus - I've heard for five years.

    • 1.2(trace)

      just a hint of bitterness un ligero dejo amargo
      • it's white with just a hint of yellow es blanco con apenas un toque de amarillo
      • there was not the slightest hint of doubt in his voice no había ni el más ligero rastro de duda en su voz
      • there was more than a hint of irony in what she said había algo más que un dejo de ironía en lo que dijo
      • there was a hint of garlic/lemon in the dish el plato tenía un dejo / gusto a ajo/limón

  • 2

    (tip, advice)
    consejo masculine
    hints for travelers consejos para viajeros
    • The authors give practical hints on how to stage a coup, and consider what might happen if the military decided to take over in Britain.
    • But hopefully I've given you some useful hints and pointers to more complete sources of information.
    • Stuhlmueller provides us with many practical hints on how to read the psalms.
    • Gil came to trade tips, hints and how-tos with other Regal owners.
    • Players who have no stones left must not give advice or hints as to the play, but they are allowed to point out mistakes in play.
    • Handy hints are given on what to do should, for example, pests get into the compost heap.
    • You just can't help but replay the scenes to yourself, trying to piece all the clues and subtle hints together.
    • It's packed full with useful, real-life advice, hints and tips, clearly laid out and carefully explained.
    • You got a lot of helpful hints in here for folks - real practical stuff.
    • But it was not all about picking up handy hints from the professionals.
    • The book is clearly laid out and simple to read whilst the website offers some helpful hints and advice.
    • If you want to try a craft you can buy supplies, with expert craftspeople on hand to pass out handy hints.
    • You'll also find full nutrition information, helpful preparation and usage hints and a section with entertaining learning games for kids.
    • Edith Bowman reveals why the festival is special to her, and shares handy hints and her pick of this year's performers
    • The trouble is that until this week the public have only received hints of the information underlying their leader's certainty.
    • If you're looking for a web designer, then here's some hints and advice.
    • Mine is a generation without old wives' tales or handy money-saving hints.
    • The site includes rules, game records, strategy hints and ordering information.
    • The course organiser provides practical hints to help break the routine, fight the cravings and stay positive through the whole process.
    • And he's in with Kaplinsky, who might be able to give him some handy dancing hints.

transitive verb

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    dar a entender
    he hinted that it might be his last visit nos insinuó / nos dio a entender que quizás fuera su última visita
    • Some officials are hinting at possible intervention in the currency markets.
    • She is not certain she wants to float the company, but hints at a possible buyout or merger in the future.
    • Polluters use the term freely, hinting about a dark cabal of devious greens plying the fear trade for personal gain.
    • The State Council this month also hinted at a possible increase in water charges.
    • It expects to add a consumables store soon, with Price hinting at a possible acquisition in that space.
    • Hazelton hinted at a possible return to the stage in the future.
    • I think Greg is a great character, and they keep hinting that he might become part of the ‘main team’.
    • He never clearly stated his wish for the posts, only hinting he would not avoid responsibility, no matter how heavy.
    • So I wondered whether people were suggesting or hinting to me that I should step down.
    • Sampras hinted at possible retirement at a New York news conference immediately afterwards.
    • What they have done, however, is to please the die-hard followers, while hinting at possible future directions.
    • Police however keep hinting that the fireworks could be cancelled if they don't get more resources to keep people in line.
    • I told him how my mom was hinting for me to offer them a place to live.
    • In adding this, Dr Hope is strongly hinting that he may yet change his mind - but he is also risking being accused of procrastination.
    • So, in other words, Wolf, he is basically saying that he is hinting that he should be going back to power.
    • But it is possible to hint at the outward influence of a writer such as Milosz.
    • Carson offers sketches of songs, hints at melodies and suggests musical themes, but nothing is forced onto the listener.
    • Linnane, however, expressed disappointment over his dismissal and hinted at possible legal action.
    • Costello toed the line, despite hinting that he wanted to take part.
    • With Pure Rock, Goon appears to hint at various possible directions to follow with future records.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    lanzar indirectas
    to hint at sth insinuar / dar a entender algo
    • for weeks they've been hinting at changes to our work schedules llevan semanas insinuando / dando a entender que va a haber cambios en nuestros calendarios de trabajo
    • I cannot begin even to hint at the variety and richness of decoration apenas puedo dar (una) vaga idea de la variedad y riqueza de la decoración