Translation of hip-hop in Spanish:


hiphop, n.


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    hiphop masculine
    • Interestingly it is this link with the Warp hip-hop star that helped draw awareness to the group.
    • Nu Flow is definitely best described as the his and hers of hip-hop albums.
    • Most get shined by both jazz and hip-hop heads and end up on the compost heap.
    • First, it is a new medium that has arrived in the past decade or so, like web art or hip-hop music.
    • They played hip-hop music and everyone was really friendly and they had gin.
    • Sixtoo has become, in only a few years, one of the major players on the underground hip-hop scene.
    • This Government is paying for hip-hop trips and spending millions of dollars on the arts.
    • It has an excellent selection of hip-hop music turned nice and loud for you to dance to.
    • The use of hip-hop beats and structure characterises the majority of the compositions here.
    • If you're only going to buy one hip-hop album this year, make it this one.
    • Moving away from the traditional methods of hip-hop production is an interesting step.
    • Thirty years ago he fused the sound of punk with dub reggae and early hip-hop acts and created something new.
    • Lil Kim may claim to be the Queen Bee, but she has to work hard to keep up with her hip-hop sistas.
    • Dark, observant hip-hop meets geezer Garage on the harsh and honest streets.
    • The current edition of music mag Q has a spoof exam paper for hip-hop studies.
    • Who knew the overbearing Elliot had such a punched up hip-hop album in the works?
    • We have got loads more Harmonic 33 hip-hop instrumentals planned for this year also.
    • We would also put on gigs, at the Boardwalk mostly as a sort of hip-hop circus.
    • It may look like a cheap gimmick to some but it adds that refreshing slice of humour that is so missing from other top hip-hop acts.
    • I was amazed when I first got into the UK hip-hop scene at how political the music is.