Translation of hip pocket in Spanish:

hip pocket

bolsillo trasero (del pantalón), n.


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    bolsillo trasero (del pantalón) masculine
    • He stuffed Marisa's bikini top into his hip pocket and continued forward.
    • Best of all, the Hipster PDA fits into your hip pocket and costs practically nothing to purchase and maintain.
    • She stood up to leave, but felt Normrak grab her hip pocket, holding her there and he refused to release her.
    • But the day is coming when the card will be linked to the Air Force member in more ways than just carried in the hip pocket.
    • It's nice to be in each other's hip pockets all the way through, instead of just walking past each other amidst a cast of thousands.
    • We'll hurt them at the hip pocket because no-one will see their ads!
    • A lizard ran up his pants but he captured it right next to his hip pocket.
    • Even in summer, stuff lightweight gloves into a hip pocket.
    • Reaching the others, he dug into his hip pocket.
    • Pulling his watch out of his hip pocket, he glanced at it.
    • As the cars rocketed out of turn 4 Schroeder brought the field to the green and down into turn 1 with George right on his hip pocket.
    • Selfish by nature, nothing makes people change their ways like hitting their hip pockets with fines, charges and financial incentives.
    • Ellie sat on a nearby treestump, and from her hip pocket removed a swiped flask of blue wine from the Aluminum Falcon.
    • Never has the hip pocket nerve twitched so violently.
    • With trousers and skirts the label is commonly on the waistband and/or the hip pockets.
    • He walked in the house one evening and pulled it from his hip pocket saying, ‘Do you want this?’
    • John searched his left hip pocket, and pulled out a small card.
    • ‘Okay, that's it,’ Jeremiah said, stepping back and wiping his hands on a rag he had tucked in the hip pocket of his jeans.
    • She lifted her chin defiantly, shoving her hands into the hip pockets of her jeans.
    • ‘So what's your master plan ’, Steve asked, pulling out a cleaning cloth from his hip pocket, and began to clean the lens on the scope.