Translation of hippodrome in Spanish:


hipódromo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɪpəˌdroʊm//ˈhɪpədrəʊm/


  • 1

    hipódromo masculine
    • Chariot races staged in the hippodrome - always a crowd-pleaser - opened the games.
    • Part of it was thrown into the hippodrome of the town, together with the Chakraswamin, an idol of bronze brought from Thanesar.
    • About two miles away and once connected by an ancient colonnaded paved road is the largest existing Roman hippodrome found in the world.
    • We've studied the foundations of temples, hippodromes and harbours and our task was to rebuild them from the ruins using the latest technology.
    • The historic heart of Istanbul will welcome a parade of historic racing cars on the route of the ancient hippodrome.
    • Both these treaties are shown on the base of the obelisk of Theodosius, erected in the hippodrome at Constantinople in 390, as triumphs of Roman arms.
    • The most popular entertainments were the theater, frequently denounced by the clergy for nudity and immorality, and the races at the hippodrome.
    • Many of Herod's structures are well preserved - the palace, aqueduct, hippodrome, and the amphitheater.
    • But as in the conflicts between Blue and Green factions of the Byzantine hippodrome, minor affective preferences can have major political consequences.
  • 2British dated

    teatro de variedades masculine
    • The team has already run an F1 car around the Circus Maximus in Rome, and the historic Sultanahmet hippodrome in Istanbul's city centre.
    • No horse races took place at the Palermo hippodrome in the City of Buenos Aires on August 24 and 25.