Translation of his in Spanish:


su, adj.

Pronunciation /hɪz//hɪz/


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    (singular) su
    (plural) sus
    his son/daughter su hijo/hija
    • his sons/daughters sus hijos/hijas
    • it's his house, not hers es la casa de él, no la de ella
    • he broke his arm se rompió el brazo
    • However, he neglected to take a picture of this so you'll have to take his word for it.
    • He was a jeweller by trade and was getting out of the airforce to start his own business.
    • He would be in much the same position as the farmer who previously put his cows in the field.
    • He was also not put off by the very grown up thought of having to set up his own business.
    • No mention is made of the fact that it was his knot that slipped in the first place.
    • What's more remarkable is that not much else was found in either his car or his house.
    • Columbus is said to have identified his star the moment he saw the cover of the video.
    • For a second or two he stood waiting for the wave to pass and let him walk on to his bath.
    • At least he's starting to do most of his business on the paper strewn all over the place.
    • He does not want to give me his name and will not identify the patient out of respect.
    • What he said in his own way was that there is no such thing as a Scottish business community.
    • Mr Brown might care to look at another report which came out only hours before his own.
    • We got him as an adult dog and I think he may have been mistreated by his previous owner.
    • It was truly kind of the hairdresser to come to my house with his bonny male assistant.
    • He is acutely aware that his wife may not have taken to this life as easily as he has.
    • What good is it for one man to have millions while people starve on his front stoop?
    • He could not feel his legs and had to be helped up by his girlfriend and a male friend.
    • He also has a clear view of where he wants to take his business, and it is my role to help him get there.
    • He sold all his possessions to fund the trip and says he has no plans to return home.
    • Unless he wants to be treated like an animal, he has to exert his free will for the good.


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    (singular) suyo
    (singular) suya
    (plural) suyos
    (plural) suyas
    all that is his todo eso es suyo / de él
    • his is blue el suyo/la suya es azul
    • it isn't his, but hers no es de él, sino de ella
    • a friend of his un amigo suyo / de él
    • that habit of his esa costumbre suya
    • Yes, he might appear distant and archaic but he is the heir to the throne and one day it will be his.


The translation suyo reflects the gender and number of the noun it is standing for. his is translated by el suyo, la suya, los suyos, las suyas, depending on what is being referred to.