Translation of Hispanic in Spanish:


hispánico, adj.

Pronunciation: /hɪˈspanɪk//hɪˈspænɪk/


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    (people/scholar/culture) hispánico
    (people/scholar/culture) hispano
    (in US) hispano
    • Ruiz, originally of Puerto Rico, becomes the first Hispanic heavyweight champion with his unanimous decision over Holyfield.
    • The influx of Cubans into Florida beginning in 1960 turned the Miami-Dade County area into a centre of Hispanic language and culture.
    • I was to play Pablo, the Hispanic friend at the poker party.
    • The project will provide hands-on training and artist mentorships targeted to highly motivated Hispanic teens.
    • We've seen things from Vanuatu, the Hispanic crosses in South America.
    • This plus his job was the sum total real-life experience he'd had with Hispanic culture.
    • The food is far more colourful - in fact, the photos on the menu look just like what you get: great heaping platters of Hispanic favourites.
    • Many immigrants moved either back to Spain or to another Hispanic country.
    • We're a battleground state with a large Hispanic population.
    • By whatever name, the Hispanic community is beginning to make itself felt - politically and economically.
    • In the event, the segregated Hispanic community of Tucson was conspicuous by its under-representation.
    • While a smaller component, immigrants from Spain also are considered part of the Hispanic demographic group in this country.
    • As a result, they have overlooked the unique characteristics and problems posed by contemporary Hispanic immigration.
    • For the Hispanic community the Spanish language is the language of prayer and of communion with God.
    • Recently, it launched a monthly section called Tempo that niftily reports on Hispanic culture in the city.
    • Bonilla is Hispanic, and gets substantial Hispanic support.
    • This administration is committed to ensuring that Hispanic workers are safe on the job and fully and fairly compensated for their work.
    • Total system-wide black and Hispanic admissions are up significantly, exactly what UC wanted.
    • There has been less class conflict in Honduras than in the other Hispanic Central American countries.
    • These children are on their way to two weeks of summer camp, but for many parents in this heavily Hispanic neighborhood that is a frightful thought.
    • This charming story about land rights, written by a Caucasian man, is told from the viewpoint of indigenous and Hispanic people.
    • If this plan is approved, principals and schools with the majority of Hispanic students would have three years to learn Spanish.
    • We're talking about focusing on the Hispanic community as a whole.
    • And by the way, those are Hispanic citizens as well as white citizens.
    • I saw your poll earlier said that only 10 percent of the Hispanic community is concerned about immigration.
    • Alleged Hispanic resistance to learning English is one of Huntington's central claims.
    • After all, the ethnic composition of the areas served by the clubs is heavily Hispanic, and summer camp is not part of the Hispanic culture.
    • Then Alicia the Hispanic looking girl went second.
    • Welchert recalls that early meeting with Hispanic leaders.
    • The Hispanic community in Denver didn't ignore Issel's response, and Issel was forced to resign.
    • Asian and Hispanic communities grew in California and New York.
    • There is quite a large Hispanic population here.
    • Gonzales said media surveys are not well-designed for measuring Hispanic voting patterns.
    • While the Hispanic population in Calgary is still less than 20,000 people, the festival is a huge draw for Calgarians from all backgrounds.
    • The specific role of family differs somewhat between Hispanic and African American cultures.
    • I would love to learn more about the Hispanic culture and people!
    • The residents of Miami used to look down on Hispanic food and culture, but now they can't get enough of it.
    • What he saw on the British-controlled island would shape his dedication to social justice and start a life-long affection for Hispanic people.
    • In addition, about 40 percent of the Hispanic population in America reported they do not speak English well.



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    hispano masculine
    hispana feminine