Translation of historian in Spanish:


historiador, n.

Pronunciation /hɪˈstɔːrɪən//hɪˈstɔriən/


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    historiador masculine
    historiadora feminine
    • It will be interesting how historians take a look at articles like this and the man himself.
    • His method of measuring benefit betrays his background as an economic historian.
    • This fact, which had eluded historians, was recorded on the back of the photograph.
    • I've become a better student and a better historian than I ever imagined I could be.
    • However, this is essentially where the story seems to end for most social historians.
    • In the past, says Stearn, historians were called upon for their particular expertise.
    • Irish history is a fraught and cobbled terrain across which historians frequently stumble.
    • The answer is just a computer click away thanks to historians at the National Archives.
    • This may be a job for the historians and the Public Record Office files in 30 years' time.
    • In any case, the gap between the family and local historians and the scholarly historian is not so wide as it once was.
    • The calculation of casualties presents military historians with real problems.
    • Where they do appear in general histories, the historians often seem unsure how to deal with them.
    • A music historian could comment on the instruments used for serenades and aubades.
    • Aussie man has been identified as the rightful King of England by a leading historian.
    • In the view of many people and of many historians, history is composed of dead people and old facts.
    • All hail the beneficent spirit that motivates these historians of social ethics!
    • All were key moments in British history, all have been studied by historians for centuries.
    • The result is a fascinating odyssey into English history and into the historian's craft.
    • Alas, they soon learn that historians have biases and intellectual capital to maintain.
    • It is this last feature which has given the book a special fascination for food historians.