Translation of hit squad in Spanish:

hit squad

escuadrón de asesinos, n.


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    escuadrón de asesinos masculine
    comando de asesinos masculine
    • And for as long as there have been informers, there have been hit squads and assassins ready to liquidate them.
    • He was linked to a hit squad that murdered Iraqi dissenters in Europe.
    • ‘It's a hangover from being followed everywhere by hit squads,’ he says.
    • The CIA provided lists of suspected communists for Ba'ath Party hit squads, who liquidated at least 800 people.
    • Many of the victims of the Klan hit squads were abducted at gunpoint, and later killed.
    • But if it's a team, a hit squad, there will be others - there probably has been already.
    • For a 13 year-old, the kid has more gumption than most counter-terrorist hit squads.
    • This makes them an even softer target for the hit squads.
    • Mrs. Bhutto was run out of office in 1996 on charges of corruption, economic incompetence and the sanctioning of police hit squads.
    • The unit will also be able to send hit squads into ‘failing’ police stations.
    • The targeting was far from professional and many of the victims of these government - backed hit squads were innocent civilians.
    • It has ordered CIA hit squads to assassinate a foreign head of state.
    • Informants of the US police are willing to testify that Rizzuto was part of a hit squad that took down three Mafia heads in Montreal.
    • It's that freedom of speech thing I'm always going on about in my brownshirt hit squad way.
    • And if you don't kill us he will have a hit squad go after your family and there is no way we are going to let you kill us.
    • The army claims that its hit squads only operate behind enemy lines but the manner in which those arrested operated raises doubts.
    • He had hit squads going all over the place and he also arrested another former military president.
    • The agency, he said, had gone as far as establishing hit squads to carry out the assassination when the opportunity arose.
    • It promoted a range of activities, including the direct action methods of the hit squads that targeted the police, the NCB and scabs.
    • UK businesses that fail to adhere to data protection laws face criminal prosecution following the creation of a new hit squad.