Translation of hoard in Spanish:


Pronunciation /hɔːd//hɔrd/


  • 1

    a hoard of treasure un tesoro escondido
    • I keep a secret hoard of chocolate tengo una reserva secreta de chocolate
    • a miser's/pirate's hoard el tesoro escondido de un avaro/pirata
    • the squirrel lays in a hoard of nuts la ardilla almacena provisiones de frutos del bosque
    • In one endless makeup bag there contained her secret stash, a hoard of makeup, creams, colors and bottles smelling of lavender and rose.
    • The Boeing jumbo was insured for $1.75 billion, and the company has a cash hoard of more than $1 billion.
    • The burglars escaped with a hoard of limited edition bone china, porcelain and pottery collectables leaving behind only muddy footprints.
    • While digging for roots he finds a hoard of gold, which has now no value for him.
    • A York gardener was caught red-handed with a hoard of stolen statues, gnomes and ornaments, magistrates heard.
    • ‘It is imperative that you stockpile a large hoard of munchable treats,’ she says.
    • Many apparently converted their money hoards or business activities to dollars.
    • His final explanation for the hoard was that the money came from his wages as a mechanic and panel beater.
    • At one time there were over 3,000 statues at the site, and an inestimable hoard of gold and jewellery.
    • Against the best the country could offer the Carlow participants excelled, bringing back a hoard of medals in several disciplines.
    • The squad put in some fantastic swims, collecting a hoard of medals in the process.
    • Part of a hoard of family silver which vanished for more than 100 years was yesterday sold at auction for nearly £8,000.
    • A treasure hoard has already landed in Singapore, and more money is on its way.
    • Hutchison has said it has a cash hoard of nearly $13 billion.
    • A police raid on a one-bedroom flat turned up a hoard of nearly 2,000 weapons, including guns and ammunition.
    • Good memories, mostly, and a hoard of treasures for the inner eye.
    • Luckily for investors, Gateway has a huge hoard of cash, and can continue to lose money for a few years without going bankrupt.
    • His characters stay in a hotel annexed to the British Museum, so they're absorbed into its hoard of pillaged imperial trophies.

transitive verb

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    (anticipating a shortage) acaparar
    my father hoarded old magazines mi padre juntaba y guardaba revistas viejas
    • he hoarded his savings in an old trunk escondía sus ahorros en un viejo baúl
    • He's spent the past two years hoarding money and watching everything that moves in Europe's utility sector.
    • She is not a type of person who hoards her money in the bank for her own sake.
    • As silver rose in value it was hoarded, both by private individuals and by government offices.
    • Of course you should be vigilant with your finances and budget carefully but hoarding money is not the answer.
    • We are working with schools to make sure balances are used - so they are not just hoarding money.
    • Those on the receiving end have hoarded their money and nurtured their resentment.
    • This is even truer where wealth is hoarded at the top, as is typical of these Gulf states.
    • When people and businesses hoard their money, growth slows.
    • Neither do they tend to be hoarded by pensioners and drug dealers in the way bank notes are.
    • No team is hoarding money for Fortson, so his only hope of getting a decent check is for a sign-and-made deal.
    • Pieces that could fetch higher prices would more likely be hoarded to compensate the added cost of being caught.
    • To what purposes can the managements of our publicly traded corporations be hoarding money?
    • But he grew up poor, and had something with hoarding his money.
    • It works similar to a 401, which lets you hoard money before taxes for the future.
    • When Roderigo discovers that Iago has been hoarding his money he screams at Iago and threatens him.
    • But the way I see it is that I might not make it to 60, and if I don't I wouldn't want to be hoarding money, instead of enjoying myself.
    • Hence, gold began to replace silver in circulation, causing the latter to be hoarded or exported.
    • Potential must be realized, energy must be utilized, wealth must not be hoarded.
    • But how many paid any attention when companies started hoarding money on insecure infrastructures?
    • Museum information has a history of being hoarded if not outright hidden in curatorial files.

intransitive verb

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    people have started hoarding la gente ha empezado a acaparar (provisiones)