Translation of hobgoblin in Spanish:


duende, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑbˌɡɑblən//ˈhɒbɡɒblɪn/


  • 1

    duende masculine
    • A romantic historical account, it told of a hobgoblin, the ugliest of his maligned kindred but valorous of heart, who fell in love with a beautiful princess of Ilnumin, one of the fallen cities of the moon elves of the Elven Age.
    • It is so lovely to view the sweet innocence of the ghouls and hobgoblins who visit our thresholds, calling out ‘trick or treat’, often accompanied by imaginative verse of their own making.
    • A group of hobgoblins emerged from behind him.
    • If people want to believe in tooth fairies, or leprechauns, or hobgoblins, or taniwha, or whatever, it is their right to do that.
    • Gaffle turned round and stared at the oncoming horde of hobgoblins.
    • It was a time when witches did mischief while spiteful fairies and hobgoblins roamed about.
    • His creased brown skin throbbed with muscle, he was a hobgoblin, and failure was unacceptable in goblin society.
    • It is a time when the very mention of witches, gnomes, hobgoblins and ogres is enough to conjure up a fantasy world populated with a multitude of such creatures.
    • In England the hobgoblin was as helpful a sprite as the brownie.
    • Though Mr McCallum does admit, and even provide evidence for, the existence of hobgoblins and faeries.