Translation of Hobson's choice in Spanish:

Hobson's choice

Pronunciation /ˈhɒbs(ə)nz//ˈhɑbsənz ˌtʃɔɪs/


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    it's Hobson's choice no hay posibilidad de elegir
    • I relished the opportunity to cook whatever I wanted when I chose, instead of having to take Hobson's choice of a warmed-over plate of fried rice back at the boardinghouse before the kitchen closed at 10 p.m.
    • This gives transit planners a Hobson's choice: fewer buses equals infrequent service equals inconvenience equals no riders; frequent service means paying a bundle to run near-empty buses.
    • But Hobson's choice is no choice.
    • The choices they made were mostly Hobson's choices.
    • And attracting private investors to the state came to be the Hobson's choice.
    • There is not simply a Hobson's choice between free trade and no trade.
    • But it's a Hobson's choice - if you invest in a country like Burma, you create problems.
    • Given this Hobson's choice, more than 100 families opted to lease.
    • They resent the fact that they will basically be given Hobson's choice.
    • Hence, a Hobson's choice was not a choice at all.
    • It looks like Hobson's choice for local councils lose your toilets now, or be forced to close them in three years' time.
    • And why are we only offered this Hobson's choice of slowing down our decline instead of reversing it?
    • Instead, the viewer gets this Hobson's choice: either torturous dubbing or no sound at all.
    • It is as if the diplomatic option given is Hobson's choice.
    • For many film-makers, handycams are a Hobson's choice.
    • Army senior leaders must not be placed in a position where the choice between manpower and long-term modernization/readiness is a Hobson's choice.
    • Home furnishings became a Hobson's choice: mom's living room set and a yard-sale dining room table.
    • ‘That's the Hobson's choice you get when you hand juries these giant cases,’ he says.
    • This is a cruel Hobson's choice that women will be forced to confront.
    • Today, Begg has been offered a Hobson's choice.