Translation of hoedown in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhoʊˌdaʊn//ˈhəʊdaʊn/



  • 1

    (social gathering)
    reunión social donde se baila danzas folklóricas
    • The chance to dance the night away comes on March 2 with a right old country hoedown to be held in Ryston sports and social club.
    • For one night, Hogtown got an old-time hoedown as the Grand Old Dame of country music and coal miner's daughter Loretta Lynn landed at Toronto's Massey Hall.
    • Whether you hold a harvest hoedown or a stylish sit-down dinner party for eight, fall for outside entertaining this autumn!
    • Alternatively, the Rafter Six Ranch is a good family option, with trail rides during the day and hoedowns at night.
    • There will be a family hoedown the following day and a full programme of national hunt racing on Sunday from 2pm.
    • You might want to experience a good ole country & western hoedown in the rustic surrounds of the Casino Saleyards, Thursday, May 29.
    • He was trying to organize a hoedown tonight down in Alphabet City where all of the new first-years could all get together and hang out before we start work Friday morning.
    • Then the couple were off to their ranch in Bromley Common for a hoedown to celebrate with 150 guests including many family members.
    • The Chicks started out in 1989 playing hoedowns and street corners in their native Dallas, with Maguire on fiddle and Robison on banjo.
    • Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt have always come across as cowgirl sophisticates equally comfortable at a hoedown as they would be at a debutante ball.
    • There were nightclubs, there were hoedowns, there were folk dances and there were masquerades.
    • Saturday night and country roads led us to Washington County's Food Farm, where event planner extraordinaire Bob Sendall hosted a haute hoedown that attracted 200 city slickers to the rural retreat.
    • The Haverfordwest hoedown will include a hog roast, line dancing, and early evening entertainment by Brian Jobson.
  • 2

    (square dance)
    cuadrilla feminine
    • After they arrived in Louisiana, Anglo-American immigrants to Louisiana contributed new fiddle tunes and dances, such as reels, jigs, and hoedowns.
    • Great potential for a country hoedown here, as accomplished Canadian artists assemble under a rural banner.
    • Also, at least in many rural communities, the square dance and hoedown are still around, even if chiefly on that life support of a special evening of ‘Western’ dancing.
    • And it's just like an embarrassing moment where I watch myself and I'm like, ‘Oh, I did the hoedown?’
    • Dinner is usually a buffet or served family-style; at some dinners you'll be treated to live entertainment such as mellow folk songs or a merry hoedown.
    • My band started playing the wrong song and I didn't know what to do so I thought I'd do a hoedown.
    • Rodriguez's playing is a vivid mix of square-dance swing and dust-raising hoedown, but she also has a voice that could lasso a mustang at full gallop.