Translation of hog-tie in Spanish:



Pronunciation /ˈhɔɡˌtaɪ/

transitive verbhog-tying, hog-ties, hog-tied


  • 1

    atar de pies y manos
    • As much as I'd like to hog-tie the guy and hand him over, all we really need is that notebook.
    • They hog-tied Marty and left him on the ground and tied me to a tree.
    • They'd crammed my hands into the same kind of manacles - too small for my wrists - also they'd hog-tied me: linking my wrist and ankle restraints behind my back with rope, then running another loop of cord up to my neck.
    • Women from the cell block later recalled guessing what time it was according to how many people were hog-tied or hobbled.
    • His hands and feet were hog-tied behind his back, and he was on his stomach.
    • She hog-ties Robert at gunpoint and puts him on trial for his alleged crime.
    • He was also hog-tied by several feet of hemp rope.
    • Soon, he is hog-tied and lying in front of my dresser.
    • They survived after being hog-tied and then abandoned.
    • ‘I tend to remember people when they hog-tie me and throw me in a dungeon,’ she replied stoically.
    • Because if I see you even take one step out of that chair, I'm going to hog-tie you and gag you.
    • Tanj spent that first night, chained to the foot of his bed, tied tightly in a hog-tie.
    • When they show up they will be apprehended, hog-tied, and thrown into the ocean.
    • She couldn't just ride out, hog-tie the terrorist, and lug him back.
    • Then some of the football players roped and hog-tied them!
  • 2

    (render helpless)
    atar de pies y manos
    • Third, you may be hog-tied by stringent local ordinances or agencies.
    • But the lack of communication between systems could hog-tie the company.
    • But competitors aren't necessarily similarly hog-tied by what may have worked in the past.
    • Many see this as an indictment of football today - an honest man, hog-tied by forces of reaction, ultimately rendered powerless.
    • Or we could find our military, intelligence, and technical communities hog-tied by overly draconian measures for protecting information.