Translation of holiday camp in Spanish:

holiday camp

colonia de vacaciones, n.



  • 1

    colonia de vacaciones feminine
    • The department is organising a week-long holiday camp for eight to 12-year-olds at its Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre at Lennox Head.
    • My Aunt Jill and my three cousins went on holiday a little while back to the south of France and were thrown out of their holiday camp for being too noisy.
    • Few caravans had televisions but the holiday camp provided a TV room that opened at about 4 o'clock just before each weekdays transmission began.
    • We were taken on daytrips to the countryside and various seaside resorts and we always had the most wonderful 2 weeks summer holiday at a holiday camp usually with a lot of aunts and uncles, and it was always something to look forward to.
    • Through the charity, Pat organises social events and even a holiday camp - the first of its kind in the country - and she's always there as a friend for every child she meets.
    • But during that time, I was also doing stand-up comedy and I worked in a holiday camp as well, which I still do.
    • John and Lorraine learned that the girls had bought some vodka from an off-licence on their way to a disco at the holiday camp where they were staying.
    • Now she is off to St Austell in Cornwall next month to become an entertainer at a holiday camp.
    • Laura worked as an entertainer at a holiday camp and left the company last year after being offered a singing job in Cyprus.