Translation of hollow in Spanish:


hueco, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈhɒləʊ//ˈhɑloʊ/


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      (tree/wall/tooth) hueco
      I feel a bit hollow tengo el estómago vacío
      • he must have a hollow leg /hollow legs es un barril sin fondo
      • Newspapers, overdue bills, grocery lists, and scraps paper filled the hollow space.
      • Only the grimy streets and the hollow shell of his mother's home remain.
      • Blood vessels are essentially hollow tubes that carry blood to the organs and tissues throughout your body.
      • Here, the railing separates from the wall creating a hollow space with ample daylight filtering in through a skylight directly above.
      • Female Bornean tree hole frogs lay their eggs in the rotting holes of hollow tree stumps so that offspring can grow in a pool of water.
      • Yamasaki used another method, which essentially made the building a hollow steel tube.
      • A broken bone with a hollow space inside indicated that the creature was a carnivore, but yielded few other clues.
      • The framework is basically a hollow cylinder of collagenous connective tissue, the skin.
      • A record £16 million worth of hash was found inside elaborately designed hollow doorframes.
      • Typically the bread puffs up in baking leaving it hollow inside like an empty pocket, making it particularly suitable for stuffing to form a sandwich.
      • Several large edible crabs have burrowed under the mast and others live inside the hollow structure.
      • The inside was black and hollow, making it look like an empty tube.
      • Nick handed both men long rounded metal blades, hollow inside, attached to intricately carved handles.
      • Chelsea's stomach felt hollow, as if she hadn't just eaten a half hour ago.
      • Nests are located inside high, hollow branches, well outside the range of land-bound predators.
      • I hadn't had breakfast, and my stomach felt hollow.
      • So why was she feeling so hollow inside right now?
      • He could barely see them, as they were tucked away inside of a giant hollow tree.
      • The cochlea is a coiled, hollow tube inside the inner ear that enables us to hear.
      • The surveys concluded that the tree's trunk was essentially hollow and there were large areas of deadwood within its crown.

    • 1.2

      (sound) hueco
      (voice) apagado
      (voice) ahogado
      • Bake until biscuits are golden on top and bottom and sound hollow when tapped, about 10 minutes.
      • The sound is hollow and tinny, and the dialogue is often quite difficult to understand.
      • The final curtain closed on the valedictory sound effect off-stage - the hollow thud of an axe chopping down the cherry trees in the lost orchard.
      • She remembered the dark, cold cavern and the hollow echoes of her footsteps as she walked into its darkness.
      • Hand claps, body slaps, foot stomps, and the hollow sounds of the boxes being hit built into complex and satisfying rhythmic structures.
      • I heard a small hollow thud from behind me and a little laugh.
      • She turned as she heard hollow footsteps echo through the temple, and saw James approaching her door.
      • Far above us, the grey clouds got sick of threatening and decided to act, and a hollow boom of thunder sounded.
      • It hit a tree with a hollow clunk and bounced back to land at his feet.
      • The large wooden doors closed behind him automatically with a hollow boom, not unlike the sound of a tomb being shut.
      • It makes a dry rustling sound, and a hollow echo as the cans and harder litter roll away across the dirty tiles.
      • Without warning, a massive, hollow boom resounded from the ridges up near the front lines.
      • Apparently, there was a struggle going on; some muffled yelps were heard, and a few hollow thuds resounded in the now ominous silence.
      • You should hear a hollow sound when the melon is thumped.
      • I dropped the pole and it clattered to the pier with a hollow thunk.
      • A sound that is close to this is the hollow sound of a tuning fork.
      • But all that came forth was the hollow click of an empty gun.
      • The sound is hollow and muffled throughout the film, and the bass has been cranked up to make up for the overall lack of punch.
      • A few more hollow noises that sounded like metal on metal made him certain.
      • The cold, hollow sounds of their steps echoing behind them made the little hairs on the back of his neck rise.
      • The terrible music alternates between sounding hollow, tinny, and shrill.

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      (eyes/cheeks) hundido
      • My cheeks were hollow, my eyes had sunk into my face and my skin was terrible.
      • They are generally in blue, green, white or occasionally amethyst glass, and are often cut with shallow, concave hollow diamonds.
      • He was very handsome, except for the pale skin that was turning brown and the sunken cheeks and other visible hollow or gaunt areas.
      • His sunken chest, stooped shoulders, and hollow eyes lend him the appearance of a man twice his age.
      • Then images of children with bloated bellies, hollow cheeks, and heavy-lidded eyes will begin to go around the world.
      • In a single day his stubbly cheeks had begun to look hollow, and the muscles of his shoulders and legs stood out in dehydrated splendor.
      • The driver was 18 to 19 years old, 5ft 6ins tall, hairy with a slim build, dark eyes, a gaunt face and hollow cheeks.
      • She looks as though she neither ate nor slept during the entire shoot, with her dark-circled eyes, gaunt frame, and hollow cheeks.
      • When you're about 60, the penalty for remaining rockstar-thin is a cadaverous face and hollow cheeks.
      • Covered in dirt, blood, scruffy from several days worth of beard, eyes sunken and hollow; he looked like a different man.
      • His angular face, with its long, sloping, jaw line, narrow chin and hollow cheeks, suggests the fragility of china.
      • Facial wasting, a condition identified by sunken cheeks, hollow eyes and temples is caused by a loss of fat tissue under the skin.
      • She was much thinner, her cheeks beginning to look hollow.
      • If the cows are under fed or fed an imbalance ration then they will look hollow, with a triangular appearance at this point.
      • She is skeletally thin, with hollow, cadaverous eyes and cheeks.
      • He's skinny and angular, with a hollow face, jaundiced skin, sunken black eyes and a flaxen mop.
      • His face is hollow, his eyes sunken, he can barely lift his head from the bed.
      • His cheeks were slightly more hollow compared to the last time she had saw him, and his hair was longer.
      • Her cheeks were sunken and hollow, her body almost frail-looking, her hair limp and sticking to her face.
      • They had hollow eyes and sunken cheeks, and they wailed horribly in the darkness.

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      (success/triumph) vacío
      • Hey, a hollow victory is better than no victory at all, right?
      • The game had to be played to prevent further riots, but the Juventus victory was hollow.
      • For me it's just a hollow form of words, with no real content, much like ‘Have a nice day’.
      • There is a call for peaceful direct action that could leave the hardliners with a certain but hollow victory when the election results come in.
      • Were we to have lost, we would have to start out again next January and what I would have to say to the lads would be a bit hollow - given that I am saying it for the last three years in a row.
      • But even if you happen to be the big winner, your victory may prove hollow.
      • A deeper read, however, suggests something more complicated, a pattern of embarrassing defeats and hollow victories.
      • No wonder efforts during the past two years to change how public companies operate seem so hollow.
      • At these, it is remarkably effective, but the whole business feels rather hollow.
      • If Colin wins his case, I feel it will be a hollow victory for him, whether or not he realizes this now.
      • Albion scored a second to virtual silence, for it seemed a hollow victory.
      • The victory in certain lights does seem indeed to be a hollow miracle.
      • Even when I don't think about it, I feel so hollow and worthless.
      • Parents fighting the closure of their children's junior school won a hollow victory at London's Appeal Court last night.
      • Fielding women candidates can be a hollow victory if they are not resourced to campaign effectively and confidently.
      • Geoffrey, bless his heart, is over the top as Harry; his part in the film is unclear and a little hollow.
      • Such excuses sound pretty hollow right now, even to me.
      • She went to far and my threat to kill her wasn't hollow, I just needed a way and Erik was the solution to this problem.
      • Does not the claim of the government which claims to promote travel and tourism appear hollow to you?
      • She got a standing ovation at the end, but it all must have felt pretty hollow.
      • Everything becomes absurd and dull at the same time, and the film appears both amusing and hollow.

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      (person) vacío
      (person) vacuo
      (promises/threats) vano
      (promises/threats) falso
      (words) hueco
      (words) vacío
      his words had a hollow ring sus palabras sonaban falsas
      • his words rang hollow sus palabras sonaban falsas
      • she gave a hollow laugh soltó una risa sardónica
      • to beat sb all hollow/ beat sb hollow darle una paliza a algn
      • Are those words ringing a little hollow for you?
      • In the face of his failure to do anything about the carnage of past months, his promise to preserve national unity has a somewhat hollow sound.
      • It was a very hollow gesture.
      • He is from all appearances, an utterly hollow man whose every action belies the religion he wears on his sleeve.
      • There has never been a time when the cry for unlimited congressional power has rung so hollow.
      • Looking towards next season all the claims that the new stadium is not affecting cash flow seem very hollow.
      • The England captain did his best to look on the bright side, which was understandable but felt rather hollow.
      • The Forest Service's argument, however, sounded hollow to many wilderness advocates.
      • Those of us with our eye on the ball know that the promise of a technology-supported, Utopian future is a hollow one.
      • The promise of new jobs rings somewhat hollow to a community with an unemployment rate well below the national average.
      • A fervent protester since her early college days, this is a woman who believes in action and follow-through rather than hollow promises made on election campaigns.
      • We will not hand over our consciences in return for a hollow promise of safety…
      • So any promises of anonymity ring a little bit hollow to me.
      • "You're lying, " she replies, breaking into a hollow laugh.
      • Alex couldn't stop the hollow laugh that forced its way out of her.
      • Is Williams's redemption complete and sincere, or is it just a hollow promise?
      • We cement our relationships with our barren love and hollow dialogues.
      • There are some interesting figures quoted in the article - figures that don't shock or surprise me anymore, but just provoke hollow laughter and indignation.
      • The first item on that shopping list will trigger hollow laughter among the rest of the world's steel makers.
      • And we should try to ignore the hollow laughter at that description from those who use it every day.
      • A click sounded, and a hollow laughter echoed through the room she was in.


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    (empty space)
    hueco masculine
  • 2

    hoyo masculine
    depresión feminine
    the hollow of one's hand el cuenco de la mano
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    (dell, valley)
    hondonada feminine