Translation of Holstein in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhoʊlˌstin//ˈhɒlstiːn//ˈhoʊlˌstaɪn//ˈhɒlstʌɪn/


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    cabeza de ganado holandés o frisón US
    (cow) vaca holandesa feminine
    • The farmer says the Holstein's fodder must be of high quality.
    • His winning Holstein cow snatched the prize for the supreme cattle champion.
    • With a combined total of 25,000 Holstein cows including replacement heifers, Braum's owns its own milking herd of 10,000 cows.
    • Twenty-three hundred Holstein cattle were maintained at the dairy with 1300 cows milked three times daily.
    • He once had a conventional dairy with 40 Holsteins in a stall barn.
    • Cheese is huge business in a town where the community of Holsteins and Jerseys rivals the human population in size, where the high school's team name is the Cheesemakers.
    • Crossbreeding refers to breeding different types of cows, like a Holstein and a Jersey.
    • Still, most Wisconsin dairy producers favor Holsteins over Jerseys.
    • Its 6,000 Holstein cattle loll in the sun waiting to be milked.
    • Raw milk supply is not an issue - the company processes milk from its own herd of 1,300 Holsteins.
    • Much of his collection deals with important livestock such as Holstein cattle and Yorkshire pigs.
    • On the other side of a barbed wire fence, a herd of Holsteins turns its full attention to the noisy newcomers.
    • Entries have been particularly strong in the Limousin and Holstein cattle breeds and in the Texel and Suffolk sheep categories.
    • Cross-breeding Holstein dairy cows with Jerseys is boosting milk income on Pembrokeshire's spring calving farms.
    • Without grain in summer, the Holsteins and Jerseys got too skinny.
    • When he and his family came to Canada five years ago, they built a barn, acquired 80 Holsteins and got to work.