Translation of holy in Spanish:


sagrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhəʊli//ˈhoʊli/


  • 1

    (sacred, sanctified)
    (place/ground) sagrado
    (ground/place) santo
    (day) de precepto
    (day) de guardar
    (water) bendito
    the Holy Bible la Sagrada / Santa Biblia
    • the Holy City la Ciudad Santa
    • the Holy Family la Sagrada Familia
    • the Holy Father/Office el Santo Padre/Oficio
    • the holy oil los santos óleos
    • the Holy Rood la Santa Cruz
    • the Holy Scripture las Sagradas Escrituras
    • a holy war una guerra santa
    • He put the turban upon his head and set the gold rosette as symbol of holy dedication on the front of the turban as the Lord had commanded him.
    • His act of praying transforms the cityscape into a sacred space and holy ground.
    • Each house and shop set up altars in their doorways or windows with religious statues or holy pictures mixed with fresh flowers.
    • They brimmed with religious symbols, holy images and bible stories.
    • There are two main Muslim holidays: Eid Al-Fitr is a three-day festival at the end of the holy month of fasting, Ramadan.
    • At the same time, we are committed to free access and free practice, to the members of the other two religions, to the holy shrines in Jerusalem.
    • The notion that Jerusalem is holy to all three monotheistic religions of the Middle East is a statement of fact.
    • An elderly man, presumably seeking to protect the sanctity of this holy site, was shouting after them.
    • For the holy month culminates in a prescribed annual almsgiving, amounting to a tax on one's wealth and property, to be distributed in the coming year to those in need.
    • Place the letter in a sealed envelope, and put it in the Bible or in the holy book of your spiritual tradition.
    • However, he goes on to suggest that merely because these views are expressed in a religion's holy book, it is not fair to assume that all religious leaders accept them.
    • The day is among the most holy in the religion, a celebration of the birth of Christ, His salvation.
    • When we act in a holy way, sanctifying His Name and creation itself, then, the Presence of God becomes more accessible to man, and nature stands aside for God.
    • In the ancient times each of the items corresponded to one of the seven creations and the seven holy immortals protecting them.
    • Some were holding wooden crosses, prayer books, and other holy objects to ward off the evil spirits.
    • Friday is the completion of the holy month of Ramadaan.
    • When a temporary lifting of the curfew was announced in Jenin on the fourth day of the holy month of Ramadan in November 2002, the happiest of all were the children.
    • It just so happened that my trip coincided with the holy month of Ramadan.
    • Three of the employees, who are Muslims refused to shave because it was holy month of Ramadan.
    • In India, tens of thousands of Hindu pilgrims jostled to take holy baths in the sacred River Ganges after performing special prayers for ancestors during the eclipse.
  • 2

    (life/person/virtue) santo
    • What do the lives and service of holy women teach us about ordaining women?
    • Even though he thinks a lot of archaic things, he did dedicate his life to helping people, and I truly believe that he meant to do right in everything he did and that he was in fact a very holy man.
    • They were men, holy and angelic in spirit, who preached the word of Allâh in different times and climes and in every land.
    • After we were married, she continued to go to church while I stayed home and burned sweet grass and tried to be an Indian holy man.
    • What I want to see are holy bishops who take seriously the spiritual condition of both the victims and the accused.
    • To her he was godlike, noble, excellent, all but holy.
    • Surely the pilgrim was innocent, and a most holy man.
    • She became a constant visitor to the holy women of White Church
    • God created every human being to fulfill a purpose that is both holy and productive.
    • Iraq's most influential holy man returned to Najaf today in a bid to make peace.
    • At the same time, it opens you to a respect and a reverence in fact, for what is true and holy in other religions.
    • Father Joseph was not your average holy man, he had a message - a message still relevant in today's hi-tech world.
    • As a result my picture hopefully has a holy spiritual quality.
    • These are people totally dedicated to God, holy ones.
    • Real prayer isn't about showing how good, holy or spiritual you are.
    • The Hindu holy men personally served food, mainly fruits and yogurts, to the guests.
    • And within the latter community there are deep divisions, many due to the further attempt to discriminate between those who are or are not holy or Spirit-filled.
    • From his garb I see that he is a Swami, a Hindu holy man.
    • The holy man quickly surmises the scale of the problem.
    • It also seems right to think that among such holy people, the broken, addicted, and deceived of our world will see the true way of life with its promise of healing, freedom, and peace.
    • He was a very holy person who had a real interest in people.
  • 3informal

    they had a holy horror of gambling el juego les parecía un sacrilegio
    • that child is a holy terror ese niño es el mismísimo demonio
    • holy cow / mackerel / Moses / smoke! ¡rayos y centellas!
    • And I knew immediately, holy heavens, we are under attack.
    • Now, 8 years later (holy moly where does time go?) I want to utilize the skills and knowledge that I've learned along the way to help others create roots to begin their business doing what they love to do.
    • So he had to be pretty sharp and he fell in love with a girl who he thought he was going to spend a weekend with, it happened to a lot of people, holy God, he was hooked.
    • But holy smoke, are their doughnuts amazing or what?
    • Holy smoke, what will the world come to next???!!!