Translation of holy orders in Spanish:

holy orders

órdenes sagradas, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    órdenes sagradas feminine
    to take holy orders ordenarse sacerdote
    • to be in holy orders ser sacerdote
    • In 1752 he became a monk at the monastery of the Escorial, and a year later was admitted to holy orders.
    • Only those entering holy orders were allowed to study theology and delve into Holy Writ.
    • He was still a practising Anglican in 1921, perhaps contemplating holy orders.
    • The discussion concerns postulants and candidates for holy orders, more particularly those who aspire to ordained ministry as vocational or permanent deacons.
    • He wanted all free men to be literate in English, and Latin teaching to be available to those intended for holy orders.
    • On being found guilty, the cleric can be admonished, removed from office or, in extreme cases, deposed from holy orders, a punishment popularly known as ‘defrocking’.
    • Nursed back to health by a Dominican nun, he realised he would never be able to return to the rigours of work as a missionary, and asked to be released from holy orders.
    • He was born in west London in 1907 and after Westminster City School he went to King's College, London, to prepare for holy orders, completing his training at Bishop's College, Cheshunt.
    • As I explored all this, I realized that it really was a call to the holy orders, a very clear call.
    • Much more can and needs to be said about ‘living the covenant’ and about the consequent understandings of ministry and of holy orders.
    • Irish monks did much to preserve European Christian heritage before and during the Middle Ages, and they ranged throughout the continent in their efforts to establish their holy orders and serve their God and church.
    • He was admitted to holy orders in 1498 and became rector of Diss in Norfolk.
    • Armed with holy orders, he served three cathedrals: Notre Dame, Strasbourg and Meaux where he was maître de chapelle.