Translation of homage in Spanish:


homenaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɒmɪdʒ//ˈ(h)ɑmɪdʒ/


  • 1formal

    (tribute, sign of respect)
    homenaje masculine
    to pay homage to sb/sth rendir homenaje a algn/algo
    • A trip to Europe then allegedly resulted in an outpouring of homages to the old masters and to European architecture.
    • The tone was modern, and the films were tongue-in-cheek homages to the zombie greats.
    • There are a actually a few specific things in the novel that are homages to his books.
    • Singer, who is a fan of the classic comics, throws in enough nods and homages to the original four-colour X-Men stories to keep old fans happy, while not confusing the new fans.
    • In fact, it's obvious he utilized many other styles and shots from other directors, and affectionately refers to these as homages during the commentary.
    • It all adds up to masterfully constructed entertainment that hasn't lost any of its impact over four decades of homages and rip-offs.
    • This is a film that pays homage to Bond's history without taking itself too seriously.
    • There are plenty of homages to other epic films too.
    • Simply being a Royal Highness or Majesty today is not enough to earn such homage.
    • For his first solo album, he has lovingly crafted 11 homages, all doffing the cap to great soundtrack composers of the past.
    • I take many of the curator's sequences of images as homages to those the photographer once assembled himself.
    • ‘I noticed that I'm being asked more and more to go to homages for my dear friends, who are now departed,’ she says wistfully.
    • Hopefully as I embark on a long and fruitful career in the film business, there will be various homages to various directors I have respect for.
  • 2

    homenaje masculine
    • The Bishop of Carlisle put his hand to the Queen's hand and did homage first.
    • Arthur duly did Philip homage and in July he invaded Poitou while Philip attacked Normandy.
    • The Scottish king submitted completely, offering liege homage and a 15,000 mark fine.
    • It was the homage of the new dynasty to the name and influence of the greatest general of his time.
    • Balliol therefore had to perform homage and fealty to Edward before his enthronement.