Translation of home truth in Spanish:

home truth

verdad, n.


  • 1

    (desagradable) verdad feminine
    to tell sb a few home truths decirle a algn unas cuantas verdades
    • He said: ‘I am not going to apologise. The club has got to face up to some home truths.’
    • As guest speaker he wasn't afraid to deliver a few home truths about the indifference that exists to the suffering in African countries.
    • Shoppers in Maldon and Braintree were given some home truths about smoking as part of activities to mark yesterday's national No Smoking Day.
    • Theyre all too cowardly to tell us a few harsh home truths about ourselves.
    • A senior figure has delivered some home truths about the farming industry to a gathering of young farmers in the area, writes Farming Reporter Justin Hawkins.
    • Beverly is hosting a little soirée for her new neighbours, Angela and Tony, and also Sue from number 9, and when the gin and tonics start to flow, so do the home truths.
    • I believe it's necessary to point out some home truths regarding the furore surrounding our Governor General.
    • The Emir of Qatar recently had some home truths to share with the international community.
    • In a forthcoming UK documentary, ‘Geldof on Marriage’, Bob Geldof delivers some home truths about family breakdown.
    • We need to face a few home truths in this Christmas season.
    • What unfolds is a cry for justice from the family and a search for truth that also leads to some unpleasant home truths.
    • The 16-minute film is based on a family birthday party in which the characters are forced to face shocking home truths.
    • Like it or not, the fans may have to face some home truths and realise that the days when clubs were run for the supporters are long gone.
    • Manager Chris Doyle clearly delivered a few home truths in the dressing room, for the team found new reserves of energy and belief on the restart.
    • With the additional upheaval of his 30th birthday, Ray is forced to confront some awkward home truths when old school friend Ivan comes for a visit.
    • At home, their parents have some work to do, too, addressing their parenting methods and facing home truths.
    • ‘Brian came out with what he saw to be a few home truths, but the lads didn't have any great problem with any of it,’ one player said yesterday.
    • Michael begins to discover that liberty and the pursuit of happiness may carry a price tag of rejection, setbacks and stinging home truths but these are a price worth paying.
    • The minister, who last drew the ire of the industry for quite correctly stating a few home truths in regard to value for money, again stressed the need for such value and good service.
    • But it's time people heard some home truths about their home town.