Translation of homeland in Spanish:


patria, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhoʊmˌlænd//ˈhəʊmland/


  • 1

    (country of origin)
    patria feminine
    tierra natal feminine
    • For example, a significant number of young Hispanics and Asians are visiting their parents' homelands to study their parents' native languages.
    • Asylum seekers cannot call upon their homelands for protection.
    • He said that in his homeland even acknowledging homosexuality could land someone in jail.
    • Everyone should work hard for their homeland, society and country.
    • People being told to leave their homeland and settle somewhere over a green line was something I could not come to terms with.
    • He was banned for a year for his action and became a national hero in his homeland.
    • That has elevated them to iconic status in their homeland, where Sukur in particular is now more popular than David Beckham is in England.
    • A group of five students from Germany have organised an exhibition in Sligo on their native homeland.
    • He figured he had a better chance at success as a native in his homeland than in the U.S. as a foreigner.
    • Some were unable to save enough money to buy land and in some regions of their homeland no land was available.
    • The Iraqi community in Canada is restoring links with its homeland.
    • Unlike their offspring, who have few memories of Laos, these community elders have not forgotten their homeland.
    • Instead she has been criticised for spending too little time in her homeland and for speaking her native language with an American accent.
    • That would make her happy, but it doesn't mean she'll be settling down in her homeland.
    • Stations broadcast daily to all European occupied countries, using native speakers who had escaped the invasion of their homelands.
    • A sizeable segment of the population was forced to flee their homeland and to take asylum in other countries.
    • Many of the poems are about the pain of separation from loved ones or one's homeland.
    • Somewhere around the age of 14 he left his native homeland for Canada never to return.
    • He resisted communist rule in his homeland, reached out to other faiths, and traveled widely across the world.
    • Yet I was determined to settle down and carve out my destiny in my homeland.
    • However, when these Muslims left their homelands for foreign lands, it was with a missionary spirit.
  • 2

    (in South Africa)
    homeland masculine
    • The Bantu homelands were abolished following South Africa's adoption of a multiracial constitution in 1994 and South African nationality was restored to all their citizens.
    • It is now obvious even to the Afrikaners that the apartheid fantasy of a South Africa split up into tribal homelands, known as Bantustans, was bound eventually to collapse under what Marxists would term its own contradictions.
    • At present, these courts are governed by the statutes of the former apartheid government and the former homelands and self-governing territories.
    • Africans living in the homelands needed passports to enter South Africa.
    • Prior to this monumental occasion blacks were systematically moved to restricted areas and homelands, and had no political or economic power.