Translation of homemade in Spanish:


casero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌhoʊ(m)ˈmeɪd//ˌhəʊmˈmeɪd/


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    (jam/cakes) casero
    (cakes/jam) hecho en casa
    (clothes) hecho en casa
    (device/bomb) de fabricación casera
    • Three men were being questioned by police last night after home-made bombs were found at a flat near Gatwick airport.
    • Organic meats and home-made bread are staples of the daily changing menu.
    • In the time it takes to reheat a ready-made meal, you can put a home-made soup, smart pasta dish or a risotto on the table.
    • The toddlers had paid to decorate home-made buns - and enjoyed eating them too.
    • The pudding menu changes daily to accommodate a repertoire of home-made ice creams, cakes and pastries.
    • Goods on sale included meat, organic trout, home-made cakes, plants and cheese.
    • After all the excitement Grandad decided that we deserved some more home-made wine to calm the nerves.
    • The home-made bread is a treat, the wine list is the work of a born explorer, and the desserts are spectacular.
    • We always have a minimum of two vegetarian dishes on our starter and main-course choices, all of which are home-made.
    • The pigeon and bacon terrine was clearly home-made, crumbly and well-flavoured.
    • We couldn't resist the home-made bread and butter pudding and the rhubarb and ginger crumble.
    • A selection of home-made chutneys, pickles, cakes and pastries will be on offer.
    • We'd have this with a home-made steak pie or black sausage.
    • As well as a tearoom with home-made food, there will be a gift shop with original crafts, artwork and garden gifts.
    • It was a slice of bread, with home-made plum jam, and a glass of skimmed milk.
    • Tony was also given a few easy and quick recipes, such as a healthy stir-fry and a home-made salad dressing.
    • Creating home-made greeting cards is increasingly turning into a popular hobby.
    • His mum sent him off with clean clothes and a tin of home-made scones.
    • You even get home-made scones for breakfast, along with the freshest country eggs I have ever tasted.
    • They might be home-made, but these boys' toys can wreak dreadful damage.