Translation of homemaker in Spanish:


ama de casa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhoʊmˌmeɪkər//ˈhəʊmmeɪkə/


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    (with masculine article in the singular) ama de casa feminine
    he/she is the homemaker él es el que/ella es la que se ocupa de la casa
    • The panel was an interesting mix of college students, government officers, lawyers, and homemakers.
    • Mrs. Wen gave up her professional job and became a full-time homemaker.
    • Most of my students are office workers, or writers, or homemakers.
    • We are a group of ordinary people - professionals, homemakers, students and retirees - joined by a common concern for our environment.
    • They may be stockbrokers or homemakers or public school English teachers, artists, doctors, scientists or whatever.
    • Homework has also permitted women homemakers to combine housekeeping, cooking, and child rearing with wage-earning activities.
    • The study found working mothers gave their children more fruit and vegetables than full-time homemakers.
    • A group of Japanese homemakers approached a local farmer with the idea of making a financial commitment to the farm in exchange for fruits and vegetables grown just the way they liked.
    • We encourage high school and college students, homemakers, and working professionals to get involved.
    • She has a home help 15 hours a week to assist with some of the everyday jobs that most homemakers do without a thought, like making the beds and clearing the breakfast table.
    • For example, men with working mothers expected to put 12 hours more a week into child care than the sons of homemakers.
    • His father Gene was an electrician, and his mother Rita was a homemaker.
    • His father worked at a rubber factory and his mother was a homemaker.
    • Women are expected to be skilful homemakers, not professionals.
    • I know plenty of intellectual men who marry secretaries or women who just want to be homemakers.
    • In contrast, his wife is an unappreciated homemaker that longs for her husband's affection.
    • She wrote many cookbooks, teaching homemakers cooking skills, recipes and the fun of family cooking.
    • I'm a homemaker and I also own and operate a small business from my home.
    • I really like being home and being a homemaker and being with our family and friends.
    • The men of my extended family were all corporate executives and the women were all homemakers.