Translation of homestead in Spanish:


casa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhəʊmstɛd//ˈhoʊmˌstɛd/



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    (en una granja, hacienda etc) casa feminine
    • It sits on the front of a hill facing a dirt road, with another dirt road branching off and running uphill on the house's left and off to more remote homesteads.
    • He was born on the family homestead in the front downstairs bedroom of the farmhouse.
    • There was an entire homestead, with home, barns and other outbuildings, complete with a windmill, falling to the ground, evidently worth nothing.
    • The lodge, an old homestead that the Garland family has been running as an inn since 1972, sits along the banks of Oak Creek.
    • The key points are the following: the new homestead consists of a farm, and a farmhouse, in poor order, in a particularly bleak and nasty corner of northern Scotland.
    • There were social consequences in that if people couldn't live near their families or the family homestead, the elderly people were deprived of the comfort of the younger generation and vice versa.
    • In the villages, a family's homestead reflects wealth through the number of structures, particularly if those structures include granaries, which hold a family's maize harvest.
    • Soon the trees cleared, and I looked upon a great homestead; there was the quaint New England house, white with black shutters and trim.
    • I don't believe I truly understood that I could relax until I saw the grand white building of the Randolph family homestead through the budding trees ahead of me.
    • When my wife, Nancy, and I started planning our dream homestead in 1998, our first thought was that our house needed to be far more than a shelter.
    • While I admit I was ill-prepared for the transition from city to country, I've settled in after several years and love the country life and our homestead.
    • Her early years were spent at the family homestead, where she did dressmaking, and the latter part of her youth was spent in England.
    • All spent idyllic summers visiting their widowed grandmother, Emma Darwin, at Down House, the old homestead in the Kent countryside.
    • He would often recall with affection the stone walls he built around the family homestead.
    • A typical homestead includes a main house with several related structures for various functions.
    • Cllr Gerry Coyle told the Western People that a number of Belmullet natives have returned home to build a new house or restore the old homestead.
    • It is a small homestead in the middle of farmlands and shrub jungle.
    • Music has been Eamonn's life since he left the family homestead in Rockfield to pursue his dream in the city.
    • The Meneghan homestead had been the family base for more than 50 years.
    • It provided shelter for the family while the larger homestead was being built.
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    terreno cedido por el estado a los colonos con la condición de que lo trabajasen
    • Thousands of these historic remnants litter national forests and wilderness areas, relics of homesteads or mining claims that predate the protected entity.
    • Under the 1868 treaty Indians were permitted to claim 160-acre homesteads on public lands.
    • Those who decided to stay in the East could select homesteads on former tribal land.
    • The Act of 1862 provided homesteads of 160 acres free of charge.
    • In Kansas they built all-black towns, developed homesteads, and acquired land.