Translation of honest in Spanish:


honrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɒnɪst//ˈɑnəst/


  • 1

    (trustworthy, upright)
    (action/person) honrado
    (person/action) honesto
    (face) de persona honrada
    (face) de persona honesta
    to make an honest living ganarse la vida honradamente
    • All but four members of the commission said that the last election was fair and honest.
    • As a Republican, I sincerely thank you for your honest, open, sincere and thoughtful dialogue.
    • Poverty is by no means something to be looked down upon, especially when one is earning a living through honest labour.
    • Answers are rarely forthcoming that can be said to be totally honest, sincere, and clearly unambiguous.
    • As an independent organisation we offer the frank, robust and honest opinions of supporters.
    • Len tilted his head and looked at me, looking sincere and honest.
    • We would like to thank all the students who gave us honest and sincere information on a broad range of issues in their lives.
    • Hornish also can rely on his father's experience and honest, straightforward opinions.
    • However, if the person has shown himself to be reliable, trustworthy, and honest, you can be far more confident that he will keep his word.
    • And why should a person doing an honest day's hard work have to stand in line after hours for a handout in order to eat or pay rent?
    • It is becoming hard to find genuinely honest and readable accounts of football.
    • Harley shrugged, but then decided to give her his honest, sincere reply.
    • He had a reputation of being ‘a reliable, honest and tactful official’.
    • Those that know him can attest that he is reliable, trustworthy, and honest.
    • Pedro Almodóvar said recently that he considers himself more honest and sincere and clear in his movies than he is in real life.
    • Candidates are generally good, honest, sincere people who want to make the world a better place.
    • But one feels that the portrayal is honest and sincere (as Pasolini's were, for that matter).
    • References attached to the form described him as ‘reliable, honest and trustworthy’.
    • The successful applicants must be experienced, honest, hard working, efficient and enthusiastic.
    • Eschewing all the modern panoply of medical and technical assistance, Harrison believed in honest hard graft as his road to the top.
    • The vast majority of postal workers are decent, honest, law-abiding people.
    • Even unusually honest journalists are not free of faults.
    • Unfortunately these two characters are unable to take it any further, they can't be intimate or truthful or completely honest and open about their lives.
    • What is forgotten in most of the talk about litter on our streets and indiscriminate dumping is that it is the law-abiding, honest and upright members of the community that have to pay to have it cleaned up.
    • He was decent, honest, trustworthy, and quite handsome.
    • You're honest, reliable, trustworthy, intelligent, and very handsome as well.
    • But, you also have been seen as ethical, trustworthy and honest.
    • They often needed a greater amount of working capital to pay wages or purchase raw materials, which depended on a reputation for trustworthiness and honest dealing.
    • Paddy was a peaceful, decent, law-abiding and honest citizen.
    • Remember, your compliments must be honest, sincere and genuine.
    • In general, focus group discussions consisted of honest, open and frank opinions of what the students thought about the class.
    • They both are very direct men, they both are very honest and sincere men and they both are men who don't mince their words.
    • He encouraged a free press and honest debate in Parliament and welcomed nationwide participation in the political process.
    • I wonder which is the more honest way to earn a living?
    • I could trot out the usual arguments about how free and honest debate ultimately makes a party stronger, but I'm not sure I believe them any more.
    • Mick had a life of hard work and honest endeavour.
    • There is nothing to be feared from honest, free, two-way trade.
    • He appeared so sincere, so honest, yet I couldn't hold any sympathy for him.
    • For a transaction of this magnitude to be successful, all parties involved must be honest, sincere and truthful to one another.
    • In his dealings with parents he was always approachable, sincere and honest.
    • ‘From the beginning we have been asking for fair and honest elections,’ he said.
    • I believe that only a truly even-handed approach can lead to an honest, morally convincing, and effective human rights policy.
    • Indeed those elections were neither fair nor honest; they were regimented and tightly controlled.
    • There are many thousands of good, decent, honest, unemployed people who are law-abiding and that never ever broke the law in their lives.
    • You need to be educated, hard working and honest.
    • This book contains an emotionally riveting, devastatingly honest, and morally compelling answer.
  • 2

    (appraisal) sincero
    (appraisal) franco
    (attempt/opinion) sincero
    you're not being honest with me no estás siendo sincero / franco conmigo
    • be honest sé sincero
  • 3informal

    de veras
    I didn't do it, honest! ¡de veras que no fui yo!