Translation of honeycomb in Spanish:


panal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhʌnɪkəʊm//ˈhəniˌkoʊm/


  • 1

    panal masculine
    • To identify the location of a food source too distant from the hive to be smelled or seen by the other bees, the scout does a dance on the honeycomb inside the hive.
    • The surplus is stored away in the honeycomb to sustain the bees throughout the flowerless months of autumn and winter.
    • Once the honey is gooey enough, the bees seal off the cell of the honeycomb with a plug of wax.
    • He believes nature is the best designer and that its secret lies in simple shapes and components, such as the snowflake or the honeycomb, which are repeated again and again, all around us.
    • The buffet breakfast provides an extensive choice including enjoyably creamy scrambled eggs and home-produced honey still clinging to its honeycomb.
    • Then a fire is lit at the base of the cliff to smoke the bees from their honeycombs.
    • The nectar is greatly concentrated and stored in wax cells, thousands of which form the honeycomb.
    • Other topics which Maclaurin wrote on were the annular eclipse of the sun in 1737 and the structure of bees' honeycombs.
    • The very young bees make the wax for the honeycomb.
    • Sometimes she brought home honeycomb, dripping with sweet golden stickiness, gained by climbing the hollow tree and raking it out of the hive, risking the wild bees' anger.
    • Beeswax is taken from honeycomb.
    • It all has to be painstakingly removed from the honeycomb.
    • Once the bee has made it home again, it barfs up the half-digested nectar and stores it in honeycombs.
    • The bee's honeycombs, pristine hexagons, are symmetrical over several axes.
    • Using a method thousands of years old, he takes the honeycomb from swarming, bee-infested hives, and believe it or not, he does it with just his bare hands.
    • Next we could pose for a picture while holding a honeycomb full of bees.
    • This mesh looks a bit like a honeycomb, with spaces between the different parts.
    • During this period, various enzymes combine to form honey, which is then spread out evenly throughout the honeycombs.
    • Through his discussions with Réaumur, König was led to publish a work on the structure of honeycombs.
    • To serve, place a piece of the honeycomb in the center of a plate, set a pear on top and place a quenelle of ice cream to one side.
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    panal masculine
    (cloth/weave/pattern) de nido de abeja
    • Honeycomb fabric is distinguished by the honeycomb or waffle patterns on the surface of the fabric.
    • The final winner was Eriskay fabric, a worsted material with an unusual honeycomb texture, designed by Catherine Murray from Bute Fabrics.
    • The honeycomb texture is recessed rather than raised, and is available in a wide range of colours from rich vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, blues and greens to more unexpected pastel shades.
    • One of the throw pillows had a honeycomb pattern that made me dizzy.

transitive verb

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    to be honeycombed with sth
    • the rock was honeycombed with passages el interior de la roca era un laberinto de pasadizos
    • The Loess Plateau in Shaanxi is honeycombed with caves.
    • The sides were honeycombed with passages that contained the lairs of the dragons.
    • ‘Finally woken up,’ said the old cleaner as he emerged from one of the many passages honeycombing the sides of the cave.
    • Despite previous American searches of the area around the Shah-e-Kot valley, it is still honeycombed with caves, bunkers and hideouts that have not been searched.
    • I crawled around one of the thousands of tunnels honeycombing the island, then I returned to the squadron.
    • He said: ‘The area is honeycombed with alleyways which make easy getaways for criminals and there are a worrying number of burglaries around them and all sorts of other problems.’
    • The government has honeycombed mountains with thousands of miles of virtually unused highways.
    • A site near the town is honeycombed with caves containing ancient Buddhist art.
    • They hurriedly set about constructing fortified positions in the sewers, cellars and vaults which honeycombed the entire ghetto.
    • The ground beneath the abbey was honeycombed with a series of caves that became the scene of countless orgies and unspeakable rituals.
    • Another method is to honeycomb the building with internal walls.
    • Around these the exterior walls and towers are honeycombed with passages, stairs, chambers, and services.
    • The island, itself, is honeycombed with tunnels.
    • He said US forces would move to other parts of a region honeycombed with caves and tunnels that could hide terrorists or guns and explosives.
    • It still had a functional role in WW II, when the cliffs on which it stood were honeycombed with tunnels.
    • The building will be honeycombed with courtyards, which will be planted with trees and shrubs, and there will be disabled access throughout.
    • The swift water cuts steep banks in the tough, resilient sod, and the mossy sides of this miniature canyon are honeycombed with mouse-sized holes.
    • Ultimately, Green Hill became honeycombed with mine workings and covered in dumps.