Translation of honeysuckle in Spanish:


madreselva, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhəniˌsək(ə)l//ˈhʌnɪsʌk(ə)l/


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    madreselva feminine
    • We walked down the path to the house, attracted by the fragrance of the honeysuckle with which it was covered.
    • Grapevines and honeysuckle are the best vines to work with.
    • At Embsay I found harebell, knapweed, honeysuckle, meadowsweet, bittersweet and of course lots of teasel.
    • The evergreen ivy is a rippling carpet, the twining honeysuckle a living basketry texture.
    • We chose 3 varieties of thyme to put in the edges of the raised bed and 3 climbing plants to fill the trellis by the gate - two ivies and a honeysuckle.
    • On walls, you should plant nectar-rich honeysuckle, wisteria and Ceanothus.
    • Formal beds, divided by paths, probably contained a mixture of fragrant herbs, flowers including honeysuckle and rose, and fruit trees such as mulberry and quince.
    • The sweet scent of wild honeysuckle has long been associated with summer nights.
    • The woods were thick with new leaves and fragrant with honeysuckle and lilacs.
    • Visitors to the garden will notice juniper, ash, walnut, mountain ash and beech trees as well as jasmine, honeysuckle, lilac, lilies and tulips.
    • Depending on the season and sunlight, it could be honeysuckles, wisteria, roses, orchids, or buddleias.
    • The fresh smell of pine lingered with the perfume of wild honeysuckles.
    • Up the bare trunks of trees were grown passion flowers, flaming nasturtiums, jasmine, and honeysuckles to finish the picturesque scene.
    • The honeysuckle, with flowers of white or red, emits a wonderful fragrance and grows to about eight feet in two years.
    • Joyce advises on how to use everything from yew and ivy to honeysuckle to get the garden into shape.
    • For added interest, Brenda has some clematis, honeysuckle, winter-flowering jasmine and Russian vine as climbers.
    • Japanese honeysuckle is widely recognized as a problematic invasive species throughout the region.
    • We stayed away from pretty but non-native invasive plants like purple loosestrife and Japanese honeysuckle.
    • Old shrubs, such as spiraea, forsythia, lilac, and honeysuckle, often become overgrown and full of crowded stems and dead wood.
    • The air was fragrant with late-June flowers; honeysuckle and clematis grew wild along the path.
    • He said his favourite flower in the whole garden was the honeysuckle.