Translation of honor in Spanish:


honor, n.

(British honour)

Pronunciation: /ˈɒnə//ˈɑnər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(good name, reputation)

      honor masculine
      peace with honor una paz honrosa
      • a man of honor un hombre de honor / de palabra
      • a point of honor una cuestión de honor
      • you're on your honor to report it to the principal es tu obligación moral comunicárselo al director
      • to be (in) honor bound to + inf estar moralmente obligado a + inf
      • scout's / cub's honor! ¡palabra de honor!
      • In the case of an alleged rape, on the one hand the chastity and honour of a woman is at stake and on the other hand the life of a man is.
      • Several Dutch historians have pointed out that when it concerned reputation, women were anxious to preserve their sexual honour.
      • A tremendous amount of energy is spent to either preserve the honor of a maiden, or to take it from her.
      • Few have heard of Col. Ralston but he was a fearless defender of western Christian values and the honor of chaste young women.
      • Dating conflicts with strict cultural norms about female chastity and its relationship to the honor of the woman and her family.

    • 1.2humorous archaic (chastity)

      honra feminine

  • 2formal

    (privilege, mark of distinction)
    honor masculine
    tener el honor de + inf formal
    hacerle a algn el honor de + inf
    concederle a algn el honor de + inf formal
    ladies and gentleman, it is a great honor for me … señoras y señores, es para mí un gran honor …
    • he received the highest honors his country could bestow recibió los más altos honores que otorgaba su país
    • with full military honors con todos los honores militares
    • to have the honor to + inf / of -ing
    • to do sb the honor of -ing
    • I have the honor to inform you/of informing you that … tengo el honor de informarle que …
    • may I have the honor (of this dance)? ¿me concedería esta pieza?
    • he did me the honor of receiving me me hizo el honor de recibirme
    • to do honor to sb rendirle los honores a algn
    • a reception in honor of the delegates una recepción en honor de / en homenaje a los delegados
    • in honor of her visit para celebrar su visita
    • to do the honors hacer los honores
  • 3

    (as title)
    Your/His/Her Honor (of magistrate) Su Señoría
  • 4

    (masculine plural) honores
    honors are even
    • after the first round honors were approximately even al terminar el primer asalto iban bastante parejos
    • I think we can say that honors are even creo que se puede decir que empataron (/ empatamos etc. )
  • 5

    • 5.1(special mention)

      honors list University School cuadro de honor masculine
      • to graduate with honors licenciarse con matrícula (de honor) / con honores

    • 5.2British (special mention, course of study)

      to do / take honours in French licenciarse en Filología francesa
      • before noun honours graduate licenciado
      • an honours degree una licenciatura
      • combined honors titulación en dos especialidades
      • She overcame his resistance, qualified with honours, and set up practice in London.
      • Out of 60 exams taken, 33 passed with Honours and the remaining 27 with Highly Commended.
      • After playing the electronic keyboard for several years, he took his grade 5 exam and passed with honours.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (show respect)
    would you escort me in to dinner? — I'd be honored (to) ¿me acompaña al comedor? — será un honor para mí
    • I'm deeply honored to be chosen for this award me siento muy honrada de que se me haya concedido este premio
    • we are honored by your visit nos sentimos honrados con su visita
    • he honored us with his presence nos honró con su presencia
  • 2

    (keep to)
    (agreement/obligation) cumplir (con)
    I intend to honor the contract tengo toda la intención de cumplir (con) el contrato
    • to honor one's word cumplir con su (/ mi etc. ) palabra
  • 3

    (bill/debt) satisfacer formal
    (bill/debt) pagar
    (check/draft) pagar
    (check/draft) aceptar
    (signature/credit card) aceptar