There are 2 main translations of hood in Spanish

: hood1hood2


capucha, n.

Pronunciation: /hʊd//hʊd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(on coat, jacket)

      capucha feminine
      • They wore duffel coats with the hoods up.
      • The attacker, whose face was covered by a hood, grabbed her from behind in the dark alley.
      • Today it was a long black trench coat with a hood that shaded his face from view.
      • When he checked the scene, he discovered the body of an elderly woman, dressed in a dark, oilskin coat with the hood up.
      • The Ku Klux Klan, founded in the United States in 1866, wore white hoods and cloaks and carried burning crosses to terrorise people as part of their white supremacy policy.
      • The man with the gun, clad from head to toe in black clothing and wearing a balaclava underneath the hood of his coat, asked for money.
      • The figure wore a black cloak with the hood pulled over his or her face, making it impossible for the young man to see any distinct features.
      • Ignoring the name, I slipped on the coat and tugged the hood over my face.
      • Besides, she had a black wig, black sunglasses, and a black coat with a hood.
      • He stood there in a black trench coat with a black hood over his face.
      • They all wore cloaks with the hoods low on their faces.
      • I put my coat on and my hood up so the police officer wouldn't recognize me.
      • ‘Cool,’ she said as she put on a coat with a hood and started walking towards the door.
      • He stepped back into the snow, putting the hood of the coat over his head.
      • A man in a dark cloak with a hood stood beneath the trees.
      • He wore a baseball cap, light-coloured jogging bottoms, trainers and a big woolly duffel-type coat with a hood.
      • I had bought a cloak that had a hood so I could hide my face.
      • Right in front of her was a group people in cloaks, their hoods pulled over their faces to hide themselves, no doubt.
      • Snow was starting to settle on her shoulders and on the top of the hood of her coat.
      • On the rare occasions he has been out in Glasgow's city centre after dark, he has been wearing a duffel coat with a huge hood to hide him from unfriendly eyes.
      • She was dressed in a dark cloak, with the hood pulled over her head.

    • 1.2(pointed)

      capirote masculine
      (of monk) capucha feminine
      (of monk) capuchón masculine
      (of monk) capillo masculine

    • 1.3(on ceremonial robes)

      muceta feminine
      • Excited graduates walk up and down, parading their finery of gowns, hoods and mortarboards seemingly oblivious to the fact that these are colonial trappings.
      • It was Graduation day at de Montfort on Thursday, with hundreds of young people wearing their gowns and colourful hoods, and dozens of doting parents taking pictures.
      • During the afternoon ceremony, master's degrees were conferred on 510 new graduates wearing brightly colored hoods denoting their major.

      con capillo

    • 1.4(in falconry)

      capirote masculine
      capillo masculine
      • There is a falcon hood - the brown leather dome, crowned with a tuft of feathers, is brittle like a little skull - and an envelope contains a watch.
      • It's the same principal falconers use when they put a hood over a falcon's head.
      • Hoods are used to keep the bird calm during transport.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (on chimney, cooker) campana feminine
      (on machine) cubierta feminine
      • Heavy insulation of the tank and hood helps maintain operating temperature and reduce energy requirements.
      • Range hoods and fans remove grease and moisture from cooking, and so collect dirt.
      • The rooms appear to have been used for some sort of scientific purpose - there are special fountains for washing eyes, and ventilation hoods in every lab.
      • Many extractor hoods have lights, which can be useful for spotlighting your hob.
      • For example, on most bath fans and kitchen exhaust hoods, the damper is located on the housing of the fan unit, right at the point where the vent pipe attaches to the housing.
      • In the real case, it is likely that combustion products would have been removed by the extraction hood, even after the fan had failed.
      • And all range hoods require occasional cleaning or replacing of the grease-covered metal filters.
      • The primary purpose of a laboratory hood is to keep toxic or irritating vapors and fumes out of the general laboratory working area.
      • When using a large apparatus inside the hood, place the equipment on blocks, when safe and practical, to allow air flow beneath it.

    • 2.2US Motor Vehicles

      capó masculine
      • The engine is installed at a low angle in the vehicle leaving the hood more than three inches of deformation space before it hits the engine.
      • Ever since I picked up my car from the mechanic the other day, there's been a rather irritating noise emanating from under the hood.
      • The front and rear bumper beams are aluminum, as are the hood and the wagon's tailgate.
      • The small electronic parts under the hood and in the dashboard are especially susceptible to water damage.
      • He was able to break free of Adrian's grasp and jump up onto the hood of the vehicle.
      • The body panels, including the doors, the fenders, the hood and the tailgate are of course among the most vulnerable.
      • She had just turned the key in the ignition when there was a loud bang as something landed on the front hood of the truck.
      • Aside from giving your car a new look, swapping hoods and other body parts can help your vehicle run more smoothly and faster.
      • When she didn't move, he crossed in front of the hood and opened her door for her.
      • Our hood was crumpled and the fender was dented, but the engine continued to run.
      • Parts of the vehicle, including the hood and bumper, were found 45 metres down the road.
      • From hoods to hubcaps, mirrors to spoilers and even wheels, these cars feature a sleek design combined with affordable pricing.
      • The roof was caved in, the passenger side was crushed, the windshield was blown out and the hood was twisted and distorted.
      • The front hood of John's jeep was seriously dented and crushed in.
      • She screamed as she toppled onto the hood of the still-advancing vehicle.
      • One person actually rolled over the hood and got caught between the hood and windshield.
      • Josh was leaning against the front hood of his black BMW, Jamie leaning out the window on the right side.
      • For example, aluminum is used for the hood, front and rear bumper beams, and rear suspension knuckle.
      • I leaned across the hood of the vehicle and gazed through the tinted windshield.
      • If the toy you choose has a clip, it will enable you to attach it to the front of the pram hood above the baby's head.
      • He laughed, and Kim followed him back past the cars with hoods up and tires removed.
      • One drawback about the folding hard top is that you can't get luggage out when the hood is folded down.

    • 2.3British (folding cover)

      capota feminine

  • 3

    (of cobra)
    sombrerete masculine
    • To ward off trouble, cobras can rear up, and they have hoods that expand out like a half umbrella to make themselves appear bigger and scarier than they actually are.
    • In breeding plumage, the adult has a dark hood with a black eye and bill.

There are 2 main translations of hood in Spanish

: hood1hood2


matón, n.

Pronunciation: /hʊd//hʊd/



  • 1

    matón masculine informal
    matona feminine informal
    • At the two minute mark, the first action scene begins as hoods try to carjack Will Smith's Porsche.
    • If you live in the hood, or are passing through Russian Hill and need to check mail on your laptop, Nook would be a worthy, comfortable place to stop.
    • Eventually the idealistic plans of keeping peace in the hood morphed into a criminal element never seen before in Los Angeles.
    • Up and Down opens with a couple of hoods smuggling a truckload of Indian refugees into the Czech Republic.
    • But to King's supporters, none of this justifies slashing services in the hood.
    • In this Golden Age, the heroes were neither cops nor outlaws, doctors nor housekeepers, ranch-owners nor lawyers, spies nor mafia hoods.
    • When it comes to robbing us blind, the Armani-clad criminals in corporate boardrooms have it all over the hoods on the street.
    • On the other side of this pending transaction Rocky's heavy handed hoods were less than enthusiastic about doing business with operators like them.
    • They all look like hoods and he knows they will be hoods their whole lives.
    • The Pepper Street gang, of which Jackie was the acknowledged leader, was not a gang of drug-selling hoods.
    • Check them out, and if they play live in your hood go see them, you won't be disappointed.
    • She also is fascinated by the hoods and low-lifes that Nick looks up as he meanders his way through the task of finding Clyde Wynant.
    • This British crime drama tracks a group of young hoods who try to swindle local crime boss Dad Savage.
    • And after mentioning last week that we had thieves in the hood they came back again.
    • You might not have a hood, but you will always have neighbors.
    • He cruises the hood in a BMW.
    • He has gone into hiding and a peculiarly Jamaican chaos has erupted as everyone - police, local yardies and hoods from afar - are after him, trying to track him down.
    • It's a film that focuses on ethics, be they pure or prurient, and how criminals and hoods can still require a sense of justice and fair play.
    • And if you're in the hood, make sure to come to the fabulous party tomorrow night.
    • It's a great honour to street hoods who slave away, pulling off heists so the upper bosses can get a cut of the profits, but to me it's just another society.
    • His connections to senior criminal organisations and well-placed hoods are known to police.
    • But his violent past finally catches up with the hood turned husband and father in this rumination on America's predatory predilection to use force.
    • I love the lack of pretense in East Boston, which is why now I still visit the old hood because it's still home.
    • They had ghastly visions of the boys in the hood heading for their neighborhoods next.
    • They look like mafia hoods and molls - all grey hair, badly fitting dark suits and chin stubble.
    • It's also a gangster film more interested in innocent bystanders than hoods or the police who chase them.
    • Time and again, in areas where hardened hoods tread warily, I see lost tourists in leisurewear by Tommy Hilfiger and accessories by Gucci.
    • The police speak of a rising tide of knife crime, where everyone from misguided schoolkids to inner-city hoods are apparently arming themselves with flick knives, pen knives, machetes and swords.
    • I also included a few other pics of places that are changing, or opening in the hood…