Translation of hooey in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhuːi//ˈhui/



  • 1

    that's a load of hooey! ¡son puras macanas! River Plate informal
    • Forget all this hooey surrounding so-called political correctness.
    • And all that hooey about what an honor it is to be nominated does not wash.
    • But that just sounds like hooey to most players.
    • She thought that all that stuff she heard about guys and their cars was just a bunch of hooey but now she wondered if there wasn't some validity in those claims.
    • That's just so much hooey, but then fiction always sells better than nonfiction, doesn't it?
    • Now, in high school I would have thought this was hooey, for a lot of reasons.
    • In practice, this is a load of hooey; one company is buying the other.
    • I'm here to tell you that this is a bunch of hooey.
    • But that's all hooey, say new-style teachers such as Zeer.
    • Most readers already know that the official statistics are a pile of hooey, routinely manipulated to demonstrate an economic fantasy that doesn't really exist.
    • That's absolute hooey, as has been widely reported in the media.
    • To paraphrase Garrison Keillor, I used to think that literary awards were a bunch of hooey.
    • Collective power and student support seemed like a lot of hooey to me.
    • My orthopedist just laughs and says that's hooey.
    • It was his task to persuade us that the Big Bang was a lot of hooey.
    • Musselman is the son of the late Bill Musselman, who once coached Cleveland and Minnesota and gained a reputation as a man who wouldn't tolerate any hooey.
    • Everything except the first three paragraphs is total hooey.
    • I'd have to classify both those reasons as, well, hooey.
    • It may be a bunch of hooey, but it sure is fun hooey.
    • Dr. Peter Hurd initially thought the idea was ‘a pile of hooey,’ but he changed his mind when he saw the data.