Translation of hookey in Spanish:



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    • The next day, Aunt Polly punishes him for playing hookey by making him whitewash their entire fence.
    • I mean yes, I was caught red-handed playing hooky, so I did take a good tanning from my old man.
    • Police say she was playing hooky from school, drinking and swimming with friends in a pool.
    • Another severe problem is that playing hooky may also incite other students to follow your example, against their better judgment and their best interest.
    • They caused trouble by committing thefts, playing hooky, and gathering boisterously on the streets, not by becoming drunk and disorderly.
    • Boy, did I get into trouble - not for playing hookey, but for lying.
    • When I played hookey from school, my teacher wrote a letter of thanks to my mother.
    • The longer she played hooky the bigger chance she had of being caught.
    • Some of those who were caught playing hookey were taken back to school, while others had their names and address taken.
    • Were they playing hooky when civics was taught?