Translation of hookworm in Spanish:


anquilostoma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhʊkˌwərm//ˈhʊkwəːm/


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    anquilostoma masculine
    • When the animal defecates, the hookworms are shed and the larvae are picked up by humans through breaks in the skin, hair follicles and even through intact skin.
    • A. duodenale and N. americanus are hookworms that cause blood loss, anemia, pica and wasting.
    • They are testing a protein derived from hookworms that could be used to prevent blood clots in stroke victims.
    • These can be roundworms, tapeworms or hookworms.
    • Our vet also found that he had hookworms and whipworms and these are now gone.
    • House flies are suspected of transmitting at least 65 human diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax, leprosy, food poisoning, pinworms, hookworms, and some tapeworms.
    • Certain species of hookworms can affect humans when the larvae burrow under humans' skin and cause an itchy rash.
    • In the case of hookworms, there may also be intestinal bleeding and anemia.
    • Little threadworms and hookworms are about one centimetre long, while roundworms are about 20 cm long and our friend the tapeworm can reach up to 10 metres in length.
    • It eliminates the tissue stages of heartworms and also removes and controls adult and immature stages of hookworms.
    • The blood loss caused by hookworms can produce a microcytic hypochromic anemia.
    • Adult roundworms and hookworms are parasites that live in your pet's small intestine.
    • Although it may be caused by a myriad of nematodes, the most common infective agent is a dog and cat hookworm, Ancylostoma caninum and Ancylostoma braziliense.
    • Roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms most commonly infect cats.
    • The most common form of worms was hookworms, infecting 21.6 percent of those surveyed.
    • ‘One family came to me en masse - six members - for the elimination of their hookworms,’ Dr. Nelson notes.
    • Back in the Stone Age (or the Middle Ages, for that matter), the immunoglobulin E system had its hands full fighting off roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and flukes; it had no time for being precious about dust mites and cat hair.
  • 2also hookworm disease

    anquilostomiasis feminine