Translation of hopefully in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhoʊpfəli//ˈhəʊpfʊli//ˈhəʊpf(ə)li/


  • 1

    (in hopeful way)
    the dog looked hopefully at its master el perro miró expectante a su dueño
    • can you pay me in dollars? she asked hopefully —¿puedes pagarme en dólares? —preguntó esperanzada
    • Even the most hopefully titled song turns out to catalogue misery and disaster.
    • Several of our clients are looking hopefully at this new circuit with some expected performance increases.
  • 2criticized

    hopefully, Jim will have remembered es de esperar que Jim se haya acordado
    • when do you leave? — hopefully, on Friday ¿cuándo te vas? — el viernes, espero / si Dios quiere
    • methods which, hopefully, will speed up production métodos que, se espera, aceleren la producción
    • This event will stimulate young people and hopefully show them what best suits their skills.
    • We'll have a new bird table to put up which will hopefully get some custom over the autumn and winter months.
    • It's a really good feeling which will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow for next month too.
    • The odour while it was boiling was wonderful, so hopefully the end product will be equally good.
    • Anyway, I've given him my business card, and hopefully we can meet up for a drink some time.
    • All in all things are good and hopefully the rest of the week will continue as good.
    • The scouts will spend six days on the slopes where they will hopefully learn how to ski.
    • We never expected anything like this and hopefully it'll make a real difference.
    • I wrote this quickly but hopefully this is the type of list you are looking for.
    • So hopefully I shall now return to regular posting by the middle of next month.
    • The revision has already had an impact on research, hopefully in a positive manner.
    • The car park will also hopefully ease traffic congestion and parking difficulties.
    • While it will not stop crime, hopefully one day it will make it easier for the guilty to be brought to justice.
    • I'm glad she has found someone she wants to be with, that hopefully loves her more then I did.
    • They are having a night away in a hotel and, hopefully, taking the opportunity to have a look around.
    • We got in touch with Umbro and hopefully they took some of our suggestions on board.
    • This blog post seems to refer to the problem, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
    • So hopefully she'll be in when I go round to their house and I can throw some ideas around with her.
    • I have never had the best of luck in Old Firm games and hopefully I can start to turn that.
    • They both knew that the guards were probably in that empty hangar, hopefully asleep.