Translation of hopelessly in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhəʊpləsli//ˈhoʊpləsli/


  • 1

    they were hopelessly lost estaban totalmente / completamente perdidos
    • he was hopelessly in love estaba perdidamente enamorado
    • he's hopelessly lazy es un auténtico vago / un vago incorregible
    • The revolutionaries, hopelessly outnumbered, were forced to surrender.
    • The words will surely land just this side of being hopelessly crass.
    • If the applause is muted, it is because the opposition has been so wretched, so hopelessly windblown too.
    • Once that talentless show was cancelled, Barris saw his life spin hopelessly out of control.
    • However, this simplicity is purchased at the cost of making the desert bases themselves hopelessly complicated.
    • The current global financial system is presently hopelessly bankrupt, says LaRouche.
    • Now, that post-1971 monetary-financial system is hopelessly bankrupt.
    • For example, Europe is, under present circumstances, hopelessly bankrupt.
    • The lightly armed Rangers were hopelessly overmatched; they were slaughtered.
    • The bulk of the adult population still farms tiny plots of hopelessly unproductive land in grinding poverty.
    • The institutional church has become hopelessly corporate, hopelessly tangled in a web of secularism.
    • Many times different versions of news appear to be hopelessly contradictory with each other.
    • The British Academy is still hopelessly reluctant at giving pop hits like Mamma Mia!
    • We live lives that are hopelessly broken, and we know it.
    • Ben had the hopelessly innocent face of a young man on his first day in a new job.
    • I turned my attention back to the ute, which was hopelessly bogged in thick black mud.
    • At first glance, a position espousing a spiritual orientation to all disease seems hopelessly at odds with Western medicine.
    • In the world of Overtime, the planet Earth is hopelessly overcrowded.
    • The world monetary-financial system is, presently, hopelessly doomed.
    • Such a politics of identity seems hopelessly bound to an ideal and a set of differences that it both rejects and depends on.
  • 2

    (without hope)
    sin esperanzas
    • And Casey has shown that the Tigers can go head-to-head with the Hawthorn board and beat it hopelessly.
    • Arm outstretched hopelessly, I stand trying to flag down packed, battered buses as they groan past, belching suffocating fumes.
    • And all this time Adam looked at his brother as the condemned look hopelessly and puzzled at the executioner.
    • It had started to rain, and poor Elizabeth looked like a dejected soul as she fumbled hopelessly in her bag for keys.
    • And we know he goes to Mass, frequently and hopelessly, lingering afterwards for an angry, ongoing dialogue with his patient priest (Brian O'Byrne).
    • And as I watched that final, trying hopelessly not to cry, consumed with indignant anger, my reality television bubble burst.
    • I was caught hopelessly between the present and the past; an inward struggle with no winners.