Translation of hopscotch in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑpˌskɑtʃ//ˈhɒpskɒtʃ/


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    to play hopscotch jugar a la golosa Colombia
    • As a youngster I would run screaming if any of my playmates were sick after eating too much ice-cream before a particularly vigorous game of hopscotch.
    • Children enjoy playing games such as hopscotch and hide-and-seek.
    • The road is covered in chalk drawings: hopscotch and football pitches, pictograms of dolls and soldiers, houses, cars ships.
    • The idea is to run around doing the sort of stuff you used to see in the playground - hopscotch, tag and leapfrog.
    • Besides, even if they were allowed to muck in with the next-door neighbours' kids, how many 10-year-olds these days would opt for hopscotch over Playstation?
    • I stay away from caffeine, sugar, cold medicine, and fast food and my favorite game is hopscotch.
    • So much of one's life is graphed out with determining patterns, and one can't really treat the squares like hopscotch.
    • All the girls were engaged in games of jump rope and hopscotch.
    • They need to ride their bikes and play hopscotch or just sit around with a few buddies playing video games or watching movies.
    • She kept herself busy playing whip a top, hoopla, marbles, hopscotch, hide and seek and oranges and lemons.
    • In fact, games like five stones are excellent for developing reflexes while a game like Paandi or hopscotch inculcates a sense of balance.
    • If it's raining lightly, go out for a game of mud-puddle hopscotch.
    • Play time will start to involve games with rules such as hopscotch, bat and ball games, and simple board games as your child reaches six and seven years.
    • These include skipping rope, racing, swimming, playing catch, dodgeball, and hopscotch.
    • In one of the vast, anonymous, carpeted, windowless suites that pepper every large hotel in the USA, about fifty people from the same company were engaged in collective hopscotch, frisbee and kickball.
    • From improvised reality-television games at one end to traditional hopscotch at the other, the anarchic chaos of the playground turns out, on closer inspection, to be a seething but curiously ordered grid of self-devised distractions.
    • Children play hide-and-seek, hopscotch, round dances, and marbles.
    • The purpose of this event - which involved another 50 children - was to see if they would still play traditional street games like hopscotch in the absence of cars and traffic.
    • Outdoor games like marbles, jacks, hopscotch not only occupy your kids, they will also strengthen coordination skills.
    • Most children's and grown-ups' games are highly competitive, whether it is Monopoly, snap, snakes and ladders, chess or hopscotch.