Translation of hormonal in Spanish:


hormonal, adj.

Pronunciation /hɔːˈməʊn(ə)l//hɔrˈmoʊnl/


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    • This issue could become tremendously important with the increasing use of aromatase inhibitors instead of selective oestrogen receptor inhibitors as adjuvant hormonal treatment.
    • Several other off-label methods exist for treating dysmenorrhea with hormonal contraceptives.
    • Drugs, medications, hormonal imbalance, genetic conditions, and exogenous hormones can all cause gynaecomastia.
    • It can be related to some underlying illness or perhaps to hormonal change after menopause.
    • If weight loss continues despite attempts to maximize nutritional intake and optimize a patient's diet, a hormonal imbalance due to the stress response may be the cause.
    • Often caused by a hormonal imbalance, menstrual cramps are common in teenagers and young women.
    • This cycle, too, reflects unknown neural and hormonal interactions.
    • With headings such as hormonal contraception, sterilisation, emergency contraception, the normal menstrual cycle, and the diagnosis of pregnancy, the book has plenty of material.
    • With this pattern she would have avoided more than 200 menstrual cycles, reducing hormonal stress and risk to the ovaries and breasts.
    • Neural and hormonal mechanisms mediate this tachycardia after arterial baroreceptors are stimulated.
    • Acne has a complex aetiology, involving abnormal keratinisation, hormonal function, bacterial growth, and immune hypersensitivity.
    • The changes in the property of cervical mucus is in response to the hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle.
    • Overtreatment of multiple hormonal imbalances can cause central obesity and atherogenic and metabolic abnormalities.
    • Our opinion was that there is no evidence that vigabatrin is a better treatment of infantile spasms than hormonal treatments, such as prednisolone and synthetic adrenocorticotrophic hormone preparations.
    • The placenta forms from both embryonic and maternal tissues, and hosts an astonishing array of hormonal, nutritional, respiratory, excretory, and immunological functions.
    • Participants also provided blood samples to evaluate hormonal profiles and semen samples for andrological evaluation.
    • Also, hormonal fluctuations of the menstrual cycle can result in fluid retention, which can cause wrists to swell.
    • Researchers set out to see if the symptoms experienced by women in menopause are caused by hormonal changes.
    • Trauma, surgery, hormonal swings or hormonal therapy may often cause hemodynamic expansion of previously existing vascular malformations.
    • But in recent times we have also appreciated that these women have hormonal imbalances, have a much higher risk of diabetes, and may also have a risk of heart disease.