Translation of horrible in Spanish:


horrible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhɒrɪb(ə)l//ˈhɔrəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (causing horror)
    (crime/disease/sight) horrible
    (disease/crime/sight) horroroso
    • The horrible memory had temporarily overtaken her but now she was back in reality.
    • Fox squeezed his eyes shut and desperately tried to tell himself that this was all a horrible nightmare.
    • He could not believe that someone, anyone, would do such a horrible thing to such a great country.
    • At times the world is so horrible that continuing to see the bright side becomes hideously difficult.
    • While the world around us is devastated by such horrible things, we watch on.
    • Did they think these things were so horrible and awful that they hid them from their prized Healer?
    • The nobleman goes on to host orgies, untouched by grief or remorse, until his horrible death.
    • There were all these intricate diagrams of horrible shackles and thumbscrews.
    • With John, I can't feel much about his death apart from how horrible and terrible it was.
    • A bitter confrontation ensued which he chose to end in the most horrible way.
    • It is almost too painful to watch: a horrible enactment of their dual, private hell.
    • Our own children and grandchildren have come to haunt us in the most horrible manner.
    • In fact I think that horrible as it was, that one was a much smaller disaster.
    • Thus the average person can be persuaded to do horrible things in the name of morality.
    • Sure, some will die a horrible gruesome death, but it's only what a fox would do to another animal.
    • She will never be able to forget it, never be free from the horrible memory that this attack will leave her with.
    • I can see me lying in a pool of blood as the last scene in this awful, horrible drama.
    • Some of them are horrible but then again we watch horror movies and read horror stories.
    • I think we are all waiting for someone to wake us and say it was just a horrible nightmare.
    • It's a horrible, horrible disease, because you never know where it is going to strike next.
  • 2

    (very unpleasant, nasty)
    I've a horrible feeling we didn't invite the Smiths tengo la horrible sensación de que nos olvidamos de invitar a los Smith
    • Mummy, Peter's being horrible to me mamá, Peter es muy malo conmigo
    • I did decide to go in the end and as expected the drive there was horrible.
    • He thinks that being horrible to immigrants will secure the Sun readers' vote.
    • While in hospital he was given build-up drinks which he disliked, and the food was horrible.
    • So on the morning of the big day I woke up bright and early after suffering a horrible night.
    • I think it is a tribute to the performances that the heat was horrible but didn't detract from the show.
    • Everybody always used to eat porridge in Scotland and then we went onto the horrible sugary cereals.
    • It does, however, taste so horrible that nobody could eat enough to cause death.
    • We have seen it very graphically by the use of what is a horrible expression, I think, soft skills.
    • I didn't start out hating them, but the parade of horrible behaviour on show has changed my mind.
    • It was a horrible gameshow in which the contestants' children were put in danger as their price of entry.
    • I want to buy cute summer dresses, not horrible trouser suits with tapered legs.
    • I suspect this was due to a horrible hangover and my lack of interest in small talk.
    • He tells himself that he is stupid if he thinks anyone as nice as his neighbor would go out with someone as horrible as him.
    • I have a horrible habit of correcting people if they lie in front of me and I catch them.
    • After my fourth baby was born, a photographer took a picture of me on the beach with horrible cellulite.
    • Karachi had been seeing some horrible heat and humidity until a couple of days ago.
    • My stomach deflated and the horrible bloated feeling I had woken with was gone.
    • Right, that's me done and my fingers and eyes need soothing after tapping away on a horrible laptop.
    • She said the smell of the old grass cuttings turning to mulch was horrible.
    • There was a horrible crunching noise which turned out to be The Chief's dentures cracking in two.