Translation of horse in Spanish:


caballo, n.

Pronunciation: /hɔːs//hɔrs/


  • 1

    caballo masculine
    to ride a horse andar a caballo Latin America Southern Cone Mexico
    • he lost a lot of money on the horses perdió mucho dinero en las carreras de caballos
    • from the horse's mouth
    • I want to hear it straight from the horse's mouth quiero que me lo diga él mismo/ella misma
    • his/her high horse
    • when he gets on his high horse ... cuando se pone a pontificar ...
    • you'd better get down off your high horse va a ser mejor que bajes el gallo
    • hold your horses ¡un momentito!
    • horses for courses a cada cual, lo suyo
    • I could eat a horse me comería una vaca entera
    • to back the wrong horse hacer una mala elección
    • to be a horse of another / a different color ser harina de otro costal
    • to beat / flog a dead horse
    • talking to them about cutting expenditure is a case of beating a dead horse hablarles de reducir gastos es como arar en el mar / como machacar en hierro frío
    • asking him to contribute is like beating a dead horse pedirle que colabore es pedirle peras al olmo
    • to change horses in midstream cambiar de parecer (/ de política etc. ) a mitad de camino
    • to drive a horse and cart through sth arrasar con algo
    • to eat like a horse comer como un sabañón / como una lima (nueva)
    • wild horses
    • wild horses wouldn't make me go back to that job por nada del mundo volvería a ese trabajo
    • wild horses couldn't keep me away no me lo perdería por nada del mundo
    • you can lead / take a horse to water but you can't make it drink puedes darle un consejo a alguien, pero no puedes obligarlo a que lo siga
    • before noun horse blanket gualdrapa
    • Some good stock, including horses, cattle, sheep and pigs were on exhibition.
    • The photo is cropped closely so that the reader is not aware that he's looking at a picture of a male horse rather than a mare.
    • Both horses carried bulging saddlebags packed with supplies.
    • At other times, seeds were harrowed in by horses pulling brush or else by sheep trampling the ground.
    • He cared for his horse, choosing only the finest horses to carry him for he knew his life depended on having a well-cared for mount.
    • Insurance companies offered policies to cover cattle, poultry, sheep, goats, horses, elephants, dogs, ducks and fishes.
    • On the roof of the cave deft hands had painted bison, elk, horses and wild boars.
    • Cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and other large farm animals seem to fall well outside the paradigm of urban farming.
    • A big reason is that rhinos, unlike horses, cannot be domesticated.
    • Wild horses in the New Forest get along perfectly fine, wandering around outdoors, free and naked and just getting more hairy in winter.
    • Paintings of horses - and other wild animals of ice age Europe such as lions and mammoths - long predate human portraiture.
    • But still, it's a lot better than most of what's out there, and as a fan of horses and horse racing, I enjoyed it a lot.
    • The mowing machine for the barley and oats was pulled by two horses and carried two people - the blades would be flying when it was in use.
    • The Miller Farm no longer raises livestock, except for a few pet horses, goats and sheep.
    • His error was so glaring that Gagan should have noticed right away and pulled up his horse, as the rules of racing dictate.
    • Wild horses can be tamed, but Finch said it takes someone who is knowledgeable and experienced.
    • A horse pulling a cart carrying racegoers was struck by lightning and died and a passenger was killed.
    • Domestic donkeys interact well with other livestock animals such as horses, cows, goats, sheep, and llamas.
    • Now domesticated, horses occur throughout the world and in feral populations in some areas.
    • The horse family - Equiidae - was an especial success story during the Neogene.
    • Wild horses and cattle are also entering the park from the Hermannsburg Aboriginal land.
    • I now have more mares than male horses though among the top 10 I own three of them are males.
    • Fiona explained that riding school ponies and horses occasionally get lazy and bored with the same daily routine.
    • Wild horses roam the roads and in the jungle you can find giant moths apparently the inspiration for Mothra, Godzilla's legendary foe.
    • This grandly titled traditional animation from DreamWorks centres on an untamed horse in the old Wild West which is captured by the army and harshly broken in to join the cavalry.
    • In winter, teams of horses dragged sledges loaded with cut logs across frozen lakes.
    • Her father had stocked an entire stable with sleek, powerful racing horses, and she had adored them all equally.
    • Racing began about three minutes after man domesticated the horse.
    • The Kazakh village is one of two sites competing for the honor of being the first place where humans are thought to have domesticated horses.
    • Horses were first used to pull chariots, and it was not until horses large enough to carry a man had been bred, broken, and trained that the cavalryman proper made his appearance.
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    potro masculine
    caballo masculine Mexico
    • Meanwhile, Gary or Craig, or whatever his name was from Steps, possibly became the first person to be throw by a gymnasium horse.
    • R. Mikaelyan was first among the Soviet gymnasts who started with the long horse.
    • Attempting a vault, her right foot missed the springboard and she crashed headfirst at full speed into the horse.
    • And the wall bars and horses which have characterised school gym halls for hundreds of years will be replaced by treadmills and electronic recumbent bikes.
    • A year later Olga won her first award at the national title meet - a gold medal in the horse vault.
    • He won the silver medal on the long horse and a special prize for an original vault.
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    caballería feminine
    light horse caballería ligera
    • The cavalry regiments have always been splendidly dressed, with the light horse being the most dashing.
    • The next level down was the commander of the fire unit - the horse artillery troop or foot artillery company - equivalent to modern batteries.
    • He fought alongside the duke at the naval battles off Lowestoft in 1665 and at Sole Bay in 1672 and, though a catholic, was made colonel of a regiment of horse.
    • Before the enemy had time to turn to see what was happening, mace, lance, and horse slammed right into them.
  • 4slang

    caballo masculine slang
    • Instead of a bunch of layabouts smoking glue and cracking charlie's horse with LSD, we could have good, fit criminals with discipline and firearms skills.
    • Easy, add someone doing bong hits or horse in the rectum and you've got instant mise en scène.
    • For the great horse called heroin will take you to hell.
    • He remembers his first taste of marijuana, his first snort of horse.