Translation of horse-trading in Spanish:


toma y daca, n.

(horse trading)



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    toma y daca masculine
    tira y afloja masculine Latin America
    • There's no horse-trading, no brilliant orchestration of competing interests to reveal a previously unthought of solution, that is going to reconcile those sets of goals.
    • Yes, it would expose the unseemly work of legislative horse-trading without which successful coalition and law-making may not be possible.
    • Details of the plan emerged as Labour and Lib Dem MSPs met separately to discuss coalition terms ahead of horse-trading in a series of face-to-face talks scheduled to begin on Tuesday and run into next week.
    • It has resulted in horse-trading, grandstanding and double-bluffing; in debates about how to protect the rights of the minority from the power of the majority.
    • Muslims would have scolded their leaders for selling out, Hindus would have lambasted theirs for cheapening a noble cause with such horse-trading, but in the end, everybody would have accepted it.
    • Germany now faces weeks in limbo as the main parties indulge in horse-trading over all the possible permutations.
    • EU leaders were gathering in Brussels last night promising there would be no repeat of the undignified horse-trading of their last treaty in Nice.
    • After much haggling and horse-trading, a compromise is hammered out that satisfies few but allows each minister to claim that it could have been much worse.
    • If the court's finding is upheld, such deals will become a matter for Brussels, which will result in a new round of prolonged horse-trading with Washington.
    • This novel idea turns decades of horse-trading upon its head, and at its heart is the simple truth that Scottish rugby is too small to succeed unless it is united in purpose.
    • Single-party rule will put an end to coalitions and horse-trading.
    • Now their argument goes to Brussels, where horse-trading between European states will decide the fate of Scottish fishing.
    • The most difficult horse-trading may revolve around cabinet jobs.
    • Meanwhile, Karzai has repeatedly said that ‘the time of horse-trading is over’ and that he does not expect warlords to have a strong voice in his cabinet.
    • Some last-minute horse-trading is inevitable.
    • The argument used to be that additional budgets diminished the credibility of the main budget and the planning system in general since ministers could always indulge in further horse-trading throughout the year.
    • There was feverish horse-trading between party whips about the format of the set-piece debate.
    • Once public participation has ended, the election process quickly turns into horse-trading, which seems to have become the trademark of Indonesian politics.
    • A significant reason for this was horse-trading between the Germans and the French who historically had been associated with Croatia and Serbia respectively.
    • But I suspect it's largely beside the point because once you're to that point you're into a process of legislative horse-trading and conference committees.