Translation of hostile in Spanish:


hostil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑˌstaɪl//ˈhɒstʌɪl//ˈhɑstl/


  • 1

    (manner/atmosphere/person) hostil
    to be hostile to sth ser hostil a algo
    • to be hostile to / toward sb ser hostil con/hacia algn
    • John Redwood congratulated the BBC journalist for his courage in speaking before such a hostile audience.
    • But his father's manner when he met him at the station, Danny recalled, was all wrong: hostile and aggressive.
    • Greenock's attack was far from hostile and slipshod strokeplay accounted for the demise of the home side.
    • On the other hand, it meant that some of his ideas provoked hostile opposition, while others were greeted with incomprehension or indifference.
    • The speech, an argument against the enslavement of women, was to be directed to a hostile audience of whites.
    • Fears of hostile crowds and attacks on the team evaporated early on.
    • In that case, a hostile audience member asked him, what are you doing to prevent obesity?
    • Interesting idea here: why are the dogs antisocial, hostile, and aggressive?
    • Another woman in another hostile TV audience revealed his ignorance about the difficulties of making appointments to see a GP.
    • And they have recognised that the movement must be built in the face of hostile opposition from a Labour government.
    • At least half of your audience may be openly hostile in an attempt to undermine and discredit what you are saying if it is unhelpful to their cause.
    • A couple of months before he died, he became very hostile, very angry and he complained of horrible headaches.
    • If they don't get attacked by a hostile neighbour they will perish from sheer want.
    • Their right of defence was curtailed by interruptions from the judge and the apparently hand-picked audience of hostile spectators.
    • The situation he's referring to is an Opposition-controlled Parliament and a hostile media.
    • But it was clear last night that the proposals would face hostile opposition from some health professionals and parents' groups.
    • I have often observed that political extremist of all stripes are often very angry and hostile people.
    • The film drew hostile questions from some audience members who felt it was unnecessarily violent and judgmental.
    • She was angry and hostile because she felt out of control and scared.
    • Type A people, who tend to get angry and hostile easily, are more likely to get heart attacks.
  • 2

    (troops/territory) hostil
    • The most direct is to detect, classify, locate, track, and attack hostile submarines.
    • I wonder how long it took before the crew of the stealth aircraft realised that those blips were incoming hostile aircraft?
    • The company suffered a large number of casualties from the intense hostile fire while fighting its way out of the ambush.
    • This can create some interesting maneuvers as Rayne takes on nearby enemies while evading hostile fire.
    • The accident was under investigation, though the military did say no hostile fire was involved.
    • The video shows what the U.S. Military calls a legitimate strike against hostile forces.
    • It is essential that all forces and assets that can combat hostile aircraft should take part in air defense.
    • The military said Wednesday that the aircraft appeared to have been brought down by hostile fire.
    • Units of troops might have become separated and subject to attack by hostile or friendly forces.
    • And what message would Allende have sent to a hostile military had he refused the aid?
    • They would patrol the river and attack any hostile unit that was stupid enough to enter their sights.
    • We shouldn't interpret this yet as moving toward enemy status or hostile status.
    • The Patriot system identified the aircraft as a hostile anti-radiation missile and duly brought it down, killing both crew members.
    • Then the official line changed to claiming that the aircraft had come under ‘sustained and hostile fire’.
    • Military officials do not believe the crash was caused by hostile fire.
    • It more than triples the range the Navy can engage an air target and allows ships to act prior to hostile aircraft being in a position to launch their own weapons.
    • Usually, the front armor is the strongest, so it's a good idea to attack hostile tanks from the rear, or at least the side.
    • American generals have the power to order the destruction of any hostile aircraft, if they do not have time to contact senior politicians.
    • The US-backed security forces are capable only of sporadic raids into the hostile countryside and attacks on them are increasing.
    • At least 80 troops are listed simply as killed in enemy or hostile action.
  • 3

    • A hostile takeover would be all but impossible under Heineken's current ownership structure.
    • Bradford and Bingley is protected from a hostile takeover for five years following flotation.
    • A hostile takeover occurs when a company buys a controlling share of a target company.
    • Cable company Comcast sprang a hostile takeover bid on Disney on February 11.
    • He also brought forward the company's annual shareholder meeting to late March in what is seen as an effort to disrupt the hostile takeover bid.
    • It marks the first time a foreign company has launched a hostile takeover bid for a mainland company.
    • PeopleSoft has also sued Oracle in connection with the hostile takeover bid.
    • Evidently, market conditions have been kinder to Peoplesoft, even though it is the subject of a hostile takeover bid.
    • Fearing hostile takeovers and falling share prices, firms seem to become overly fixated on quarterly returns.
    • China Development's action would be described as a hostile takeover bid in tender offer terms.
    • Industry observers say there have been no other successful hostile takeovers of a large European bank.
    • Then Cohee attempted a hostile takeover of the bank in 2000 and was defeated.
    • Such foreign direct investment is less about hostile takeovers than about friendly acquisitions.
    • To avoid a hostile takeover the target company may seek a ‘white knight’, another company with which it would prefer to merge.
    • In the late 1970s, Ansett became the target of hostile takeover bids.
    • Irish software firm Riverdeep is a prime target for a hostile takeover bid, according to industry analysts.
    • In October 2003, First Active will lose its five-year long protection from hostile takeover.
    • Unocal said its board would consider the hostile takeover bid.
    • Grubman knew Ebbers, and even advised him on the hostile takeover of MCI.
    • When there was hostile takeover bid, the town held prayer meetings for their corporation.