Translation of hot in Spanish:


caliente, adj.

Pronunciation /hɑt//hɒt/

adjectivehotter, hottest

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (food/water) caliente
      (day/weather) caluroso
      (climate) cálido
      a hot country un país caluroso
      • don't touch it, it's hot no lo toques, está caliente
      • it's hot today/in here hoy/aquí hace calor
      • I'm/he's hot tengo/tiene calor
      • to get hot calentarse
      • I/she got very hot me/le dio mucho calor
      • (in children's games) am I getting hot? ¿caliente o frío?
      • the metal was red hot el metal estaba al rojo vivo
      • under the hot sun al rayo del sol
      • to have a hot temper tener mal genio
      • Swimsuits tend to be more flattering than two-pieces, but they can get too hot in high temperatures.
      • The temperature often topped 50 degrees celsius and the hot thermal winds blew with unbelievable ferocity.
      • Hopefully the temperatures won't be as hot as last year which should make climbing the Tor a little less traumatic.
      • Late night eateries will have to secure a license before dishing up hot food to hungry revellers as part of a major shake-up of licensing laws.
      • Very hot drinks and spicy food can increase pain and bleeding and should be avoided until the gum has healed.
      • The desert was hot, and the temperature was never less than ninety degrees during the day.
      • I was smart enough this time to wait for my hot chocolate to cool a bit before drinking it.
      • The time to start this project is when the weather is sunny and hot - 80 degrees or more.
      • Usually, by now, many of us are starting to feel the tiring effects of the hot summer sun.
      • My scream was reduced to a gurgle as someone poured hot liquid down my throat.
      • Guiromélans realizes that tonight will be their first taste of hot food since he joined their crew.
      • Combine oil, vinegar, garlic and salt and pepper to taste; pour over hot beans.
      • Marie was surprised to find that Natasa was sitting at the table drinking hot tea and it was Lucio at the stove cooking breakfast.
      • I went out because I was so tired and thirsty, plus the hall inside was very hot and humid.
      • It eased her mind and her spirit to prepare hot food for her family, to ready them for the day ahead.
      • Crops were really showing the stress of the extremely hot temperatures and dry conditions all of last week.
      • She stepped into the hot bath and enjoyed the sensation of the warm water soaking into her aching bones.
      • Whisk the tempered mixture into the hot milk mixture and place over medium heat.
      • The next morning felt almost hot when the temperature soared to 21°F, with only a faint wisp of a breeze.
      • A simple meal of soup, bread and cheese, followed by a hot drink, is served and a basket is available for voluntary donations as you leave.
      • With the facilities open daily, young people will be able to get soft drinks, hot beverages and snacks.
      • Eat plenty of hot food, drink lots of soup and tea; hypothermia is a very real danger that can come on very quickly with few telltale signs.
      • The summer months are hot with daytime temperatures in the low to mid 90's, but the winters are mild.
      • The air was cool at first but as the day wore on, became increasingly hot and uncomfortable.
      • The sea water temperature is a warm 37 degrees - hot enough for a bath!
      • He drank some hot coffee, ate three sandwiches, and had a quart of beer.
      • On holiday in Tenerife, he opted to run in the hot sun in a bid to get used to the temperatures he will face in Africa.
      • A live food counter would serve hot dosas and appams prepared right in front of your eyes.
      • When they returned home, there were mince pies and hot drinks for everyone.
      • It was perhaps the quickest I had ever prepared a hot drink, and it was in under a minute.
      • They walked side by side into the house and then to the kitchen to drink some hot tea.
      • I drink my hot chocolate - they serve the real stuff on these trains - and sneer inwardly at them.
      • Everyone there was dressed for the hot summer sun, in bathing suits and oversized T-shirts.
      • The hot summer sun will scorch your lawn if you cut it too low.
      • Stockings can be uncomfortable, especially in hot weather.
      • This is followed by a light meal of bread, fried plantains, or fried dumplings and a hot drink early in the evening.
      • Springtime is always welcome in Sacramento, but summertime can be uncomfortably hot.
      • An hour later the three were chatting over hot chocolate in the small cafe that served hot drinks and food to skaters.
      • Thousands of people had spent the night in their cars, as firefighters distributed hot soup and food.
      • But my child is only young, and is unable to apply lotion or cream properly and regularly in order to be protected from the sun on a hot summer day.

    • 1.2(spicy)

      (sauce/curry) picante
      (curry/sauce) picoso Mexico
      • Mix well to combine; season to taste with black pepper, hot sauce and sugar.
      • I think it has a lot more kick and tastes even better with hot cherry peppers instead.
      • Smoke was rising from the barbecue and the special mustard for the frying sausage was really hot and spicy.
      • It is not surprising therefore that the sensation caused by hot chilli peppers so closely resembles physical heat.
      • Some hot spicy dishes contain so much chilli that you can't taste a damn thing.
      • On the other hand, South Indian food is traditionally hot and spicy, with a bit of gravy and lots of flavouring.
      • A Jamaican speciality, jerk pork is rubbed in hot spices and cooked over pimento wood to impart a memorable flavour.
      • Everyone has his or her favorite hot sauce or special spicy dish, and truly, the heat can be addictive.
      • The flavour of garlic is well known for its hot, dry pungent taste, savoured in the cuisine of many cultures.
      • The green peppers make a fruity hot sauce, while the ripe ones make a superlative red sauce similar to Tabasco.
      • Its foods are hot, spicy, or bitter, and its plants are prickly, sharp, or stinging.
      • When we do see him eat out it is often at a Mexican take-out, where quantities of hot sauce disguise the taste.
      • It has a slightly peppery taste which accounts for its being named after the hot cayenne pepper.
      • Pakistani dishes are often made with yogurt, which reduces the effect of the hot spices used in cooking.
      • Very occasionally, the fish was cooked in a hot sauce.
      • Four of them had never been in Thailand before, but they all like the place and they even dared to taste the hot Thai food.
      • The berbere is a hot sauce of cayenne pepper and twelve other spices.
      • Do not add the hot pepper unless everyone loves spicy hot food.
      • Outside it's crayfish season, so the restaurants were all selling these, cooked in a hot curry sauce.
      • Generally, Thai food is hot and spicy but is also sweet and sour.

  • 2

    • 2.1(intense)

      (contest) muy reñido
      there is hot speculation about the outcome se está especulando mucho acerca del resultado
      • things started getting hot on lap 25 la cosa se empezó a animar en la vuelta número 25
      • His eyes were wide, and Egewe sensed the hot miasma of emotions that the boy was emitting.
      • All I felt was frustration and anger and hot emotions roiling through me.

    • 2.2informal (dangerous)

      the situation was too hot to handle la situación entrañaba demasiados riesgos / era demasiado comprometedora
      • Even with four firemen in their squad, Hoylake simply found him too hot to handle.
      • And that's why the hot new thing in popular music is the good old sound of heritage rock.
      • It is a chance for customers to see what's hot for this season.
      • He used to be more ridiculed than respected, now his Che Guevara T-shirts are hot fashion items.
      • It was broken by airplay from pirate station Radio Caroline, the Beeb deciding it was a little too hot to handle.
      • McCusker, Gray, and McEvoy were proving too hot to handle, Derry found fouling the only way to stop them.
      • Haver said to expect the rocker and biker look to be hot for party-goers.
      • I was shocked to see fur listed as a hot fashion item, not once, but several times.
      • Buying clothing is not like shopping around for the latest electronic gadget or a hot set of wheels.
      • Tucker Carlson, the feisty co-host of The Spin Room, is also seen by some as a hot commodity.
      • According to the Mainichi Daily News this hot new taste sensation is set to take Japan by storm next month.
      • The USB flash drive has become a hot product in the past few years, thanks to dropping prices and sheer convenience.
      • At times, things got a little hot for the celebrities and teachers jumped out of their standby mode.
      • Out on the roads round Rivington, near Bolton, York's Charly Wegelius once again found the Aussies too hot to handle.
      • Trousers and trouser suits were hot fashion in the early 1970s and everyone tried to make them their own.
      • Cygnet's captain Angela Powell led from the front as Leeman found them too hot to handle.
      • But in Jing'an Park, Dior was presenting hot fashion for the coming spring and summer.
      • Your home may not look like a castle, but if you live in a hot real estate market, people will pay a king's ransom to buy it.
      • At any moment, one can look at eBay to get a real-time reading on what's hot.
      • Shane Coogan's free proved too hot to handle and Philip Roche was quickest to react and he prodded the ball home.
      • Pakistan needing nine runs from the final over found Nehra too hot to handle, managing just three runs.
      • By November the Teso area had become too hot for the rebels and most of them fled.
      • The super Saint proved to be too hot to handle for the Darwen defence as he hit them for a treble.
      • The pensioner said she was delighted by the return of the animal and suspects it was because Ellie May proved too hot for the thieves to handle.
      • Australia found the target of six runs an over too hot to handle, slipping from 102 for one to 136 for seven in less than nine overs.
      • In 12 months' time, the event will be staged again, and four more hopefuls will vie for the title of hot new fashion star.
      • Unfortunately, unlike cutting taxes, cutting spending is a task that even the most fearless of politicians usually finds too hot to handle.
      • Some people, of course, might find it too hot to handle.
      • Plus we got some hot new Electric sunglasses, and Web took me to surf Trestles three days straight.
      • The afternoon was spent checking out Gangnam, which is apparently the hot place to live in Seoul.
      • In my opinion, if you have something hot, price it more; otherwise, price it less.
      • Five African elephants will be re-homed in France because they have become too hot to handle.
      • Using these as a guide, we've done our own bit of research as to whether York as a place to live is hot or not.
      • They played at pace, a pace too hot for the visitors to handle.
      • But if entering the supermarket fray is too hot to handle, let's make a simple suggestion.
      • The only way I know what TV shows are currently hot is by reading about them in magazines and such.
      • So, anyway, I can exclusively report my hot surf fashion tips.
      • Freda Metcalfe and Roz Kerr targeted the big scores for division one champions Brigadier as Ox found them too hot to handle.

    • 2.3informal (eager)

      hot for sth
      • a public hot for the latest novelty un público ávido de novedades
      • he was hot on / for her estaba loco por ella

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    • 3.1(fresh)

      (scent/news) reciente
      (news/scent) fresco
      • Once picking up hot scent, he bores in and busts birds out of the cover to provide the gun a shot.
      • Disasters can be always hot news no matter where they happen.
      • Of course, it doesn't take a psychic to know that defense and security are hot right now.
      • We'll be talking about the hot news items of the week, and we'll have a solidly conservative perspective.
      • Yet the formal inquiry dragged on for a week and became the latest hot topic for talkback radio and office gossip.
      • But the nine o'clock news needs something now, while the news is still hot.
      • The thing that used to kill me, when there were hot news events going on, especially campaigns, was the lead time.
      • And it was only days ago the prospect of aiming for Mars again was hot news.
      • Judging by the news and links on its sites, this is a hot topic for the industry, bureaucrats and research organisations.
      • Brunswick omits any reference to the date of the event so that it's unclear his story is not exactly hot news.
      • It was a moment that shocked Britain; that made a tedious election campaign the hot topic of all our gossip.
      • Since The Mac Weekly story hit the presses, the issue has become a hot topic both on and off campus.
      • Once it died down, and I ceased to be hot news, I was stranded in this catastrophic place.
      • Its new interface is designed around the idea of social networking, a recent hot topic on the Internet.
      • The real question for industry watchers to be looking at is whose sad story will be the hot topic throughout the fall?
      • Usually at CES, one or two hot new mobile electronics aftermarket products stand out.
      • What is hot news this month in the U.S.A. is a five-year-old story to the rest of the world.
      • In a moment they raised a loud clamor, announcing that the scent was hot.
      • The stories were hot topics for major news outlets and bloggers, due to the companies involved and the massive number of compromised records.
      • Given the growing interest on Capitol Hill, the hot topic at the conference was reform of the patent system.
      • Outsourcing may be a hot topic in the news, but the practice is as old as computers themselves.
      • I've spent the weekend with The Girl, which is hardly hot news I know.
      • He sells papers, leads the evening news, and is the hot topic on talk shows.

    • 3.2(current)

      (story/issue) de plena actualidad
      • The disaster occurred in the middle of the federal election campaign and quickly became a hot political issue.
      • These used to be the sites of hot political and literary debate.
      • And there's no doubt that this hot debate on consciousness will continue.
      • Although electronic security is a hot new market sector for many firms, others have been at it for a long time.
      • Obviously that's a hot debate that I'm just beginning to get into.
      • But of late the hot debate is why many women are choosing not to marry and others are opting for the union later in life.
      • The whole creationism versus evolution debate is so hot here.
      • The circumstances of his death are an issue of hot dispute.
      • A Vancouver study shows why day care remains a hot campaign issue.
      • There is absolutely no denying that competition in this arena is burning hot.
      • So what's so hot about the hackability, and is that even a word you ask?
      • A scheduling meeting, followed by a brainstorming session about some ideas for a hot new series.
      • It usually appeared weeks or months after the accident, and was the subject of hot debate.
      • I understand that when an issue becomes hot it has to get overdone by politicians and other groups in this country.
      • Both were criminally charged amid hot debate over whether the female officer should be punished in such a situation.
      • It is a still a point of hot debate with skiers as to whether Les Arcs is a work of architectural genius, or simply a hideous alpine eyesore.
      • Simple as the question looks, it has become the centre of a hot debate between some local officials and scholars.
      • Putting humor to such politically hot and contentious issues is the best way to keep them in perspective.
      • The problem became a hot election issue, with cleaner hospitals a key manifesto pledge by the Conservative Party.

    • 3.3(popular, in demand)

      (product) de gran aceptación
      (play/movie) taquillero
      one of Hollywood's hottest stars una de las estrellas más cotizadas de Hollywood
      • I felt my lips being crushed and a hot passionate kiss spread over my glossy lips.
      • It is pretty uneventful except for introducing the new characters - Rachel and her dad, Alex, who is hot for Susan.
      • Some, like Will Ferrell's cameo as a prisoner who's hot for Hutch, work because they're just a tad weird.
      • The truth is, even if they were dog-ugly I'd still be kind of hot for them.
      • Amanda could almost smell his cologne and it made her feel very hot for him.
      • Lehman also points out a bit of censorship when one line proved too hot for the dialogue track, though it's there for lip-readers.
      • It wasn't hot and passionate - just a quick, sweet kiss that warmed me to the center of my being.
      • They had been so hot for each other, beginning to date right after her graduation from high school.
      • The market is hot for Hollywood extravaganzas that fill screens at multiplexes.
      • He kept asking me to come over to his dorm for hot passion and the time of my life.
      • Jeremy is chatting up the hot American girl who lives in the next apartment.
      • Same goes for your big brother, who I remember as being hot for 16 year old girls.
      • One of the reasons why I'm still hot for him: we've been talking dirty all the way back home.
      • Even at the tender age of twelve I had a fine understanding of the ways of women and could tell the only reason she was so worked up was she was hot for me.
      • Mikey felt himself getting rather hot from this excitement, and both the girls could see it.
      • Instead I find myself thinking about hot, sweaty and passionate sex.
      • He kissed her, it seemed simple and loving to the eye but it was a hot kiss with more emotion then either thought possible.
      • Jas was all hot for Jeremy and there was nothing I could do so why trouble myself?
      • I have a hard time believing if she shed 40 pounds you'd suddenly be hot for her.
      • This works especially well with members of the opposite gender, since it makes them intensely hot for you.

  • 4

    • 4.1informal (expert)

      (card-player/lawyer) hábil
      to be hot at/on sth
      • she's pretty hot at physics es un hacha / es muy buena en física
      • he's pretty hot on current affairs está muy al tanto en temas de actualidad
      • The purveyor of fine art, who also makes an honest buck with cartoons and wacky drawings, is hot on humour.
      • But then our Johann isn't so hot on the maths, even at the best of times.
      • They're great at scaring us with how much we pay into Europe, not so hot on telling us what we get out of it.

    • 4.2informal (keen)

      to be hot on sth
      • she's hot on punctuality le da mucha importancia a la puntualidad

    • 4.3informal (satisfactory)

      how are things? — not so hot ¿qué tal? — regular / más o menos
      • And while iMode may be fine for targeting kids and consumers, it's not so hot for business.
      • I'm not too hot with electronics, so I managed to enlist my brother to sort the circuits out for me.
      • Contreras and Hernandez don't look so hot on paper, but they've been able to get the outs they need when they need them.
      • Maybe putting all of Brian's and Freddie's songs all by themselves on their own album sides wasn't such a hot idea.
      • Its demeanour is that of the same old story as they have once again failed to exceed their own limitations, making it a must for fans but not so hot for the rest of us.

    • 4.4informal (sexually attractive)

      buenón informal
      a hot chick una chica buenona
      • he's really hot está buenísimo

  • 5slang

    afanado slang
    mangado slang
    • The situation goes from bad to worse after they find a way to dispose of the hot merchandise.
    • Police decided to publicise the robbery as much as possible in an effort to make the paintings too hot to handle.
    • In those first vital hours, the police decided to publicise the raid as much as possible in a bid to make the stolen pictures too hot to handle.
    • One theory is that the painting may have been too hot to handle after it was stolen and was either taken abroad or destroyed.
    • It is so hot and radioactive that the miners use remote control equipment.
  • 6

    (in gambling)
    the hot favorite el gran favorito
    • a hot tip un soplo
  • 7slang

    (waste/debris) radiactivo