Translation of hot-wire in Spanish:


hacerle el puente a, v.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑt ˌwaɪ(ə)r///

transitive verb


  • 1

    (car) hacerle el puente a
    • She hot-wired Brian's car and drove out of the garage.
    • He had taken the vehicle by hot-wiring it so he could visit his mother in Liverpool.
    • He hot-wires the car to start using the battery and the two wires.
    • He hot-wired the Caterpillar forklift after reading how to operate it in the local library.
    • The mugger then hot-wired his Honda, and sped off towards Sukhumvit Road.
    • She jumped onto the bus, sat down in the driver's seat, and hot-wired it expertly.
    • As the owner banged on the window, one of the thieves hot-wired the car, whilst the other made a rude gesture.
    • A murder suspect being watched by detectives hot-wired the machine as officers were chatting, a national newspaper reported.
    • One hot-wires the ignition while his partner, with the help of plastic, self-fastening pins, quickly attaches a pair of false number plates.
    • Hot-wiring a plane, however, is easier than hot-wiring a car.
    • Reports at the time included 50 cars being hot-wired and driven out of the showroom to be disembowelled for parts, and hundreds hospitalised after fires and fighting broke out.
    • From my third floor vantage point, I could see a young would-be car thief trying to hot-wire an old van that I had not seen move in over a year.
    • ‘I was trying to protect you,’ he said as he opened the driver side door of the car she had hot-wired.
    • The fact is if one has an immobiliser, the easy way of hot-wiring a car is no longer possible, and one kills that crime stone dead.
    • This prevents an auto thief from engaging the transmission by hot-wiring or with an ignition key.
    • It was taken after a gang cut the padlock on the security gate and hot-wired the vehicle.
    • The repossession company can hot-wire your car and drive it away from any location, as long as it doesn't illegally enter your locked garage or physically threaten you.
    • He smashed off the plastic cowling surrounding the ignition lock and attempted to hot-wire the car but was unable to start it.
    • Between food-thievery, vehicle hot-wiring and gas-siphoning, Cowen jokes that he has learned a new set of skills.
    • After hot-wiring the car, he was on his way to his house.