Translation of hot key in Spanish:

hot key

tecla caliente, n.



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    tecla caliente feminine
    • A hot key is a combination of keys pressed on the keyboard which activate a function.
    • Certain options like the latter can be accessed with a hot key.
    • The control scheme will be familiar to all strategy gamers as it a standard combination of hot keys and mouse clicks.
    • Ammunition is unlimited, but units also have a limited special combat weapon such as a mortar round or high explosive round that is controlled by a different hot key or mouse click.
    • The British-designed keyboards come in four colours and have five levels of brightness, controlled by two hot keys.
    • I loaded up the following in quick succession, all with hot keys.
    • Common hot keys are placed strategically within easy reach, but I did find the buttons hard to figure out.
    • Pretty much everything has been assigned a convenient hot key, and the interface is clear and easy to understand and use.
    • While there are hot keys for certain functions, there's also a lack of hot keys for others, which is sure to cause a few temper tantrums during play.
    • Digging around the menus and what not is also very intuitive and the hot keys just make this even easier.