Translation of hot pot in Spanish:

hot pot

estofado, n.


Pronunciation /hɑt pɑt//ˈhɒtpɒt/


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    estofado masculine
    guiso masculine
    • This quicker version of a hotpot, more of a soup really, is unthickened and has a freshness about it that the oven versions don't.
    • There were a range of steaks to choose from, for example, and roast chicken, pork and lamb lunches, as well as hotpots and pies, all served with chips, potatoes or mash and vegetables.
    • We also serve it with oyster fritters, because oysters used to be incredibly cheap and were often used in the hotpot.
    • I had a good taste of the hotpot and agreed with Ann it was rather glutinous and bland.
    • The menu is extensive, offering fried and stewed dishes and even hotpots for winter, but the house specialties are from the charcoal grill that stands exposed to the street.
    • The vegetable can be used in soups, hotpots or as stuffing for dumplings.
    • And you shouldn't miss the hotpot here, even though summer has nearly arrived.
    • It offered a little excitement in avoiding the gamekeepers whilst producing some goodness in the shape of a rabbit or a hare for the hotpot along with a few cheap vegetables.
    • Dumplings and meat pieces are cooked in the hotpot, and radish and cabbage too are done similarly.
    • Traditionally-made hotpots have vegetables and water or stock added all at once and are put straight into the oven for long, slow cooking, but I prefer to add extra flavour with some light pre-frying.
    • Instead, she has always cooked healthy family meals using inexpensive ingredients; stews, soups, hotpots, fish pies and shepherd's pies.
    • And though British cooking's first lady is not the sort of person you would knock up a hotpot for, I know that she is unlikely to be impressed by smart-assed food.
    • But what had me really sighing with ecstasy was the yam and meat hotpot.
    • Although the hotpot was a disappointment, with a lot of dishes in the $5 range and a student discount that knocks off the tax, Vegetarian Fastfood is an ideal place for a very filling lunch.
    • People go to better restaurants which are air-conditioned and they have a Mongolian hotpot.
    • The sausage and bean hotpot is known in many cultures.
    • She reckons about 50 per cent of what they produce is homemade - minced lamb hotpot, chilli con carne, spaghetti bolognese, that kind of stuff - plus a mean chicken pie.
    • I was offered a variety of dishes including beef stew and dumplings, chicken chasseur and a hotpot and I tasted all of them.
    • All it has to offer customers is pints, darts and hotpots.
    • Beef is the most commonly used meat, in soups, barbecues, and hotpots.