Translation of hot seat in Spanish:

hot seat


  • 1informal

    (difficult position)
    to be in the hot seat estar en la línea de fuego
    • More than half the squad will be in the hot seat along with a number of former players to face questions from fans.
    • This is going to be highly unpopular and I don't want to be in the hot seat, but somebody has got to do it.
    • He added: ‘There's no evidence that such a scheme was actually used on either occasion when Mr Ingram was in the hot seat.’
    • The biggest single issue surrounding the club is obviously who is going to be next in the hot seat.
    • He's visited the execution chambers of Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama, and ten times he has given testimony, either in court or in hearings, trying to help defendants avoid the hot seat.
    • Don't put your people on the hot seat just to give yourself a comfortable cushion.
    • Today visitors can take their turn on the hot seat providing a once in a lifetime photo opportunity.
    • In the hot seat was the Attorney-General Peter Toyne.
    • With the museum underway, Jerry Coates retired and I moved into the hot seat - and it was getting warmer every day.
    • The hot seat doesn't get much more scorching than this.
    • A former health supremo today paid tribute to the children of courage who filled him with admiration during his 19 years in the hot seat.
    • And to think it could have been Ahern in the hot seat.
    • When the lovers are found shot to death, a local religious fanatic is convicted and sentenced to the "hot seat."
    • He may have only been in the hot seat for less than a season, but already he has made some brave decisions that some would not.
    • We were on the hot seat and had to get the job done.
    • Next month he marks five years in the hot seat at Dunfermline and declares that he could not be happier.
    • He has worked at the centre for 20 years, spending the last five in the hot seat.
    • Low-level workers aren't the only employees on the hot seat, according to insiders.
    • A poster is allowed to rate the interviewer in the categories of technical, character and overall difficulty and leave comments about what it was like sitting in the hot seat.
    • Clearly, the veteran warrior doesn't mind being in the hot seat.
    • Michael Graham, who coached the Red and White side last year, put his hand up for another season in the hot seat, only to have to stand down when his partner accepted a position in Perth.
    • On the hot seat are the 15 percent who say it's a toss up between promotion and outsourcing.
    • Lang put himself on the hot seat with the stroke of a pen.
  • 2USslang

    (electric chair)
    silla eléctrica feminine