Translation of house in Spanish:


casa, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈhaʊzəz//haʊs//haʊs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(make good progress, dwelling, be very friendly)

      casa feminine
      I won't have that dog in the house no quiero a ese perro en casa
      • come around to my house at six ven a (mi) casa a las seis
      • the party's at my house la fiesta es en (mi) casa
      • the man/lady of the house el hombre/la señora de la casa
      • he's useless around the house es un inútil para la casa
      • the house of God la casa del Señor
      • a house divided cualquier nación u organización con divisiones internas
      • to move house mudarse (de casa)
      • to play house jugar a las casitas
      • a house of cards un castillo de naipes
      • as safe as houses totalmente seguro
      • it's as safe as houses no tiene el menor peligro
      • to clean house (restore order) hacer una limpieza
      • to eat sb out of house and home dejarle la despensa vacía a algn
      • to get along like a house afire / on fire llevarse muy bien
      • we're getting on like a house afire todo marcha sobre ruedas / viento en popa
      • to keep house ocuparse de / llevar la casa
      • to keep open house tener la puerta siempre abierta
      • it's always open house at the Browns' la casa de los Brown siempre está abierta a todo el mundo
      • to put one's (own) house in order poner sus (/ mis etc. ) asuntos en orden
      • to set up house poner casa
      • before noun house buyer
      • house owner
      • house painter pintora de casas
      • [as modifier] house prices el precio de la vivienda
      • One of the proposals, submitted by Joe Costello, proposes to construct 25 semi detached two storey houses.
      • Then here were a great many houses; human habitations, full of the mysteries of life at every stage of it.
      • The ground floor of the house has ramps so that disabled visitors get a chance to see the main rooms.
      • Condemning our houses as unfit for human habitation is a surefire way of clearing this area and making the area which they required for the Academy available.
      • Inside, the house is on three storeys, with the ground floor including a drawing room, study and dining room.
      • The application was for eight, two storey houses and eight bungalows organised in four clusters.
      • Land beside Blue Bridge Lane, currently a redundant building, would have 24 three storey houses built on it.
      • Prices of houses have soared; building costs are going through the roof.
      • There could not have been more than 50 huts in all and a dozen or so single storey brick and mortar houses, overlooking the fields beyond.
      • On the other side of the road are normal, two storey houses.
      • One of the new houses is three storeys high and the other is four, prompting fears that homes nearby will lose their privacy by being overlooked.
      • A loft extension in particular creates an instant extra storey to the house.
      • Real foxes do, indeed, sometimes make their homes under human houses and, increasingly in this country at any rate, under city homes.
      • The plaintiffs were required to carry out certain repairs by the local council in order to render houses fit for human habitation.
      • Following the fire, investigators found traces of an accelerant in the badly damaged ground floor of the house.
      • The residential portion of the building is located to the rear or on the upper floor of the house.
      • This phrase originated in medieval times in Europe when most double storey houses did not have indoor toilets.
      • As you walk down towards it, the sky opens up, for in this rare Manhattan block almost all the buildings are period houses of just five storeys.
      • I believe that he might later have gone to lodge at a house in Upper Church Street, Bath, with two of his sisters.
      • Most of the houses are two storeys (some three) and would be equivalent to a medium to large sized Queensland home.

    • 1.2(household)

      casa feminine
      you'll wake the whole house vas a despertar a toda la casa
      • Every creak of a floor board or an opening door seems loud enough to wake up the whole house.
      • Boethius was brought up in the house of the aristocratic family of Quintus Aurelius Memmius Symmachus.
      • I would have called you, but I didn't want to wake your entire house at seven on a weekend.
      • It only takes one forgetful person to leave theirs in the bathroom and the whole house would be using it.
      • He picked up his cell phone to call her but thought that he would be waking up the whole house.

    • 1.3(dynasty)

      casa feminine
      familia feminine
      the House of Windsor la casa de Windsor
      • In all honesty, however, I think this is the essence of our attempts to understand and make sense of the complexities of the British and European royal houses.
      • They were sought after by Europe's royal houses long before many of today's classics were known.
      • A bigger wedding event will be probably take place then, but the date is yet to be set between the two royal houses.
      • There's been a rash circulating around the royal houses of Europe… a rash of engagements and weddings that is.
      • Mar decided to retaliate by raising the standard for the house of Stuart.
      • It is also possible to view Williams as a tragic figure, cursed like the house of Atreus or Kennedy.
      • The English and Scottish royal houses had become closely connected through marriage.
      • She cut down the servants at the tables, and massacred all in the house of Akhat.
      • The Blood Royal of this actual Grail lineage persists, via the female line, in the royal houses of Europe to this day.
      • Problems have beset the house of Versace since its founder was murdered seven years ago.
      • Starkey goes on to point out it would be hard for the house of Windsor to pull off the same trick.
      • They had already incurred the enmity of the royal houses of Europe, why add that of the bankers?
      • These Four royal houses shall be responsible for one of the greatest legends ever told in my homeland of Spain.
      • This little known renaissance play deals with tragedy which befalls two houses once a lady's honour has been compromised.
      • It is somewhat ironic that the last great monument of the house of Wessex was mainly a product of Norman culture.
      • Mountbatten was born to a family closely related to the house of Windsor.
      • The Picts also practiced matrilineal descent - thus their royal houses all descended through the female line.
      • The coats of arms of most of the royal houses of Europe incorporate symbols of the 12 Tribes of Lesbos.

  • 2

    • 2.1Politics
      (in UK, in US)

      Cámara feminine
      the lower/upper house la cámara baja/alta
      • the House of Representatives la Cámara de Representantes / de Diputados
      • the House of Commons/of Lords la Cámara de los Comunes/de los Lores
      • the Houses of Parliament el Parlamento
      • The referendum has been widely adopted to protect key aspects of state constitutions, such as the governor and the two houses of parliament.
      • This introduced a national parliament with two houses for India.
      • Under the constitution, the Czech president is elected by a majority in both houses of parliament.
      • They also altered the rules to make it harder to initiate an ethics investigation of a House member.
      • Few commentators have noted the provision for women's seats in both houses of parliament.
      • When I spoke in the House on this subject on 8 December, I quoted similar stories from the police forces of Cambridgeshire, Essex, and Greater Manchester.
      • As they walked through the halls of a House office building, interns noticed the office of Mary Kaptur (D-Ohio).
      • The oldest member of parliament, he served as speaker of the house when it first met.
      • However, a House subcommittee has scheduled hearings later this month to investigate the FCC's record of enforcing decency standards.
      • This was confirmed by a House Select Committee on Assassinations report in 1979 and recently by a US Department of Justice investigation.
      • The legislature has two houses, the house of senators and the house of deputies.
      • An independent candidate also has to obtain an additional 20 backers from the two parliamentary houses or local councils.
      • Brown's ethics problems have included a House investigation of her connection with a jailed African businessman.
      • ‘It is a fig leaf of a token element of elected peers designed to mask the design of the Prime Minister and his cronies to keep their grip on this House,’ he said.
      • Ideally, the president of the GMC would present the annual report in public, before a committee of both houses of parliament.
      • It would be the first time since 1981 that a government has controlled both houses of Australia's parliament.
      • Democratic leaders in both houses say they'll bring it up for a vote and they expect it to pass.
      • Oldfield spoke in the House two other times.
      • It's a tragic reminder of the reality which all of us in this House, and in the Lords, have to deal with in considering these matters.
      • The king, however, will appoint one of the houses of the bicameral legislature, allowing him to control lawmaking.
      • The bill had been passed by both the houses of parliament before being signed by acting president Mian Mohammad Soomro.
      • I came in 1976, when I had gotten an advance copy of a report of a House committee investigating CIA misdeeds.
      • Thus, with a cosy majority of 196 in a House of 234, her position remains unassailable.
      • At the state level, some of the legislatures are bicameral, patterned after the two houses of the national parliament.
      • Amendments must be approved by two-thirds of both houses of parliament and a majority of voters in a national referendum.
      • That, according to Parliamentary legal adviser Eshaam Palmer, can be done only by both houses of Parliament sitting together.
      • She couldn't produce her promised list of 272 supporters in a House of 543.
      • I turn immediately to the decision of this House in Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller & Partners Ltd.
      • The government won not only re-election, but control of both houses of parliament.
      • And in the 1994 elections they went on to win a House majority.
      • We accept that a time will come when the houses of parliament and the government will have to agree a final form of the bill that is less than ideal.
      • A provision for leases to be approved by both houses of parliament would safeguard against a sale by stealth, he said.
      • Ireland has two houses of Parliament, the Upper House known as the Seanad and the Lower House known as the Dáil.
      • He called for a House investigation into his actions and was cleared the following year of any wrongdoing.
      • What I don't understand is why they don't just have elections for two houses of parliament.
      • Unless both houses of parliament expressly disapprove within 12 months, the marriage may proceed.
      • On Wednesday, opposition parties disrupted proceedings of both houses of parliament, demanding the minister quit.
      • I would recommend a tour of the houses of parliament to anyone.

    • 2.2(in debate)

      asamblea feminine
      • This house would privatise Britain's universities.
      • This House Would Under No Circumstances Fight For Queen And Country.

  • 3

    • 3.1Business

      casa feminine
      empresa feminine
      finance house casa financiera
      • a software house una empresa de software
      • drinks are on the house invita la casa
      • we get that done out of house eso se hace fuera
      • the in-house workers el personal (regular)
      • before noun the house style el estilo de la editorial (/ el periódico etc. )
      • house white/red vino blanco/tinto de la casa
      • 'From the Alley to the House is like a path of ants', said Walpole.
      • The police and civil administration generally has been ordered to ensure that all shops and business houses remain closed during prayer time.
      • In some cases, the wines produced by these houses are lesser in quality today than, let's say, ten years ago.
      • There seemed to be only a half dozen corporate publishing houses left.
      • This beneficial film-forming yeast grows naturally on the surface of the wine, although some houses now choose to cultivate their own flor culture.
      • The central government plans to privatise publishing houses in a bid to open the sector and lure investment.
      • In larger transactions, a syndicate of venture capital houses or private equity firms might combine to provide the equity finance.
      • Most film companies converted to production houses to service the high demand for local content to fill broadcast hours.
      • The film board is a Canadian government film production house.
      • There, rather like the men from Del Monte, the port houses would select the wine from the local farmers.
      • The items included kites, toiletries, chocolates, biscuits, washing soaps, breakfast cereals and beans which she sourced from various business houses in the capital city.
      • They range from the traditional activities of the acceptance houses in international trade to all types of capital issues and financial services business.
      • He also appealed to business houses to help the institution with the sinking of a borehole since the school has no water supply.
      • Purchase recommendations from all of the major financial houses bejewel the company's stock like diamonds.
      • I know where to go when I absolutely need new news, but the old print cycle is still ruling publishing in many news houses.
      • Banking firms and financial houses announced thousands of job losses in recent weeks.

    • 3.2(US) (brothel)

      casa de citas feminine
      • In an attempt to create Canada’s first cooperative bawdy house, a sex-work organization will submit a request to Parliament for amnesty from an anti-brothel provision within the next six months.

  • 4

    • 4.1(auditorium)

      sala feminine
      house full agotadas las localidades
      • to bring the house down
      • that scene brought the house down el teatro casi se viene abajo con los aplausos que siguieron a esa escena
      • He also noted that it did not take into account the mosques and Muslim houses of prayer destroyed since 1948.
      • It is not right to make a fortress of Christ's church, which is a house of prayer.
      • Jesus, berating the money-changers in the Temple, called the building a house of prayer.
      • Does the Holy Spirit and fire ever need to come down in our houses of worship?
      • As we gather in our houses of worship, let us begin a process of seeking the healing and grace of God.
      • Scalia cited a 1970 Supreme Court case involving tax exemptions for houses of worship in New York.
      • Six weeks ago many of us did not even notice whether or where the U.S. flag stood in our houses of worship.
      • What is not in dispute is that the nation has turned in much greater numbers to houses of worship and organized religion.
      • What problems are reported in the newspaper or talked about in the houses of worship as community challenges?

    • 4.2(audience)

      público masculine

    • 4.3(performance)

      función feminine
      the second house starts at eight la segunda función empieza a las ocho
      • It was a productive time for both film-makers and playwrights, with houses full and involvement high.
      • It played six performances to packed houses at Sydney's Conservatorium, and attracted gratifying media attention.
      • Since Gyan's return to the North Coast she has been performing to sellout houses.
      • Other than music, there should be a renewed interest in theatre especially with theatre houses having undergone a renaissance this year.
      • Later it performed to packed houses at Andrew's Lane Theatre in Dublin
      • To date the tour has attracted capacity houses wherever it performs.

  • 5

    • 5.1

      • The winners are now putting final plans together for six colour-coded houses in time for competition in the school sports day next month.
      • From the very start, competition between the houses is encouraged.
      • The six houses competed with each other for the first position.
      • Students are divided into houses based on their special needs or interests.
      • All houses competed aggressively, and even the last race made a difference in the rankings.
      • Each activity involved two competing homerooms from different houses and at the end of the day a champion house was announced.
      • There were eight houses or forms that divided up the pupils at Bishop Luffa and Sherbourne had now become the odd one out, the unlucky one.
      • There are four houses and they compete at sport, but there's no lacrosse and Lily said there was much less competition than in the Potter books.

      cada uno de los grupos en que se dividen los alumnos de algunos colegios con fines competitivos etc

    • 5.2Religion

      monasterio masculine
      • By the time of her death in 1581, Teresa had founded more than a dozen monastic houses.
      • There they settled in Bethlehem and established his and hers monastic houses.
      • During the last years of Leo XIII's pontificate, religious houses tried to win over the poor for Catholicism.
      • In England, for example, there were some fifty religious houses in 1066 and perhaps 1,000 monks and nuns.
      • Hereward and his family seem to have been the traditional protectors of the religious houses in the area.
      • Throughout the Middle Ages, Suffolk was dominated by the two liberties and the many other religious houses.
      • Recruitment to the parish clergy fell and monastic houses never recovered.
      • In Britain too, there can be no doubt that the major religious houses were the focus of much landed wealth, munificence, and pilgrimage.
      • It could have been commissioned by a religious house, dedicated to the Virgin, for use as the reredos of a high altar.
      • Giberti, like Sadoleto, chose to reside in his see, where he disciplined his clergy, reformed religious houses, and took the cure of souls seriously.
      • Monks from the various orders in Europe had flocked to England to set up religious houses.
      • Joseph II reduced the number of religious houses belonging to the contemplative orders.
      • After the dissolution of the religious houses, where the poor used to be relieved, there was for long no settled provision for them.
      • His first important job was as a visitor of religious houses under Henry, an appointment through which he greatly expanded his father's estate.
      • During the Middle Ages, the scriptoria and workshops of European religious houses took a strictly instrumental approach.
      • Most Welsh religious houses had in any case always been poorly endowed.

  • 6

    casa celeste feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (family/person) alojar
    (family/person) darle alojamiento a
    • His seventh house contains Mars while Libra is at the Ascendant containing Uranus.
    • I look further along and I see the Moon is at the top of the chart in the ninth house at 14 degrees of Virgo.
    • When a planet is placed in an angular house, it is performing more powerfully.
    • It is also good to have the ruler of the Ascendant and the 2nd house in mutual reception.
    • A horoscope needs to be drawn and studied and the meaning of aspects as well as the positioning of houses and planets have to be understood.
    • Also your boyfriend is represented by Saturn in the seventh house, which for you is the house of a husband or boyfriend.
    • Many planets of one person's chart fall into the angular houses of the other's natal chart.
    • The angular houses represent our own ‘seats of power’, places of familiarity and control.
    • Every astrology chart is divided into houses, starting with the Ascendant line and working anti-clockwise around the rest of the chart.
    • It is conjunct Jupiter and opposite Mars at 15 degrees of Pisces in the third house.
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    (office/museum) albergar
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