Translation of house agent in Spanish:

house agent

agente inmobiliario, n.



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    agente inmobiliario feminine
    • The gears and the engine of our new house agent ground slowly forward a notch today when we returned the draft particulars duly corrected and signed off.
    • I got most of my errands done, to the doctor for a check-up, to the Post Office for my pension, and to the house agent to deliver a message.
    • I have to go see the house agent again and, this time, volunteer to reduce our asking price a little.
    • The first visit came somewhat as a surprise and to this day a lot of house agents regretted they had not known better.
    • I'd have gone back to bed if I could - I had a lousy night - but the new house agent was due to come to talk to us this morning so I had to prop my eyelids up and do the best I could.
    • When it came to the time set for a trip to the house agent, I was not firing on all cylinders and spoke, reluctantly, of postponing.
    • Selling a house is probably the biggest financial transaction most people make in their lives, but surprisingly you don't have to have any educational qualifications to get an auctioneer's and house agent's licence.
    • The rather posh office of our new house agent is a few steps up from the post office so I popped in to make the acquaintance of the two very nice young women who will be front-ending our sale.