Translation of housebound in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhaʊsbaʊnd//ˈhaʊsˌbaʊnd/


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    young children make you more or less housebound los niños pequeños te atan mucho a la casa
    • illness kept me housebound for weeks no pude salir de casa durante semanas a causa de una enfermedad
    • In the April issue a disabled, housebound reader was asking for your help in finding a source of house plants by mail-order.
    • I am disabled and housebound, so have to put up with it all day, every day, and have been campaigning alone for nearly four years about this dreadful noise.
    • Without marijuana, they'd be housebound - weak, unable to hold down food and wracked with muscle spasms.
    • Holy Communion is brought to the sick and housebound after the 9 a.m. Mass on the second and third Sunday of the month.
    • Those in pain, or housebound by illness, will not be impressed by waiting list cuts if they are still expected to wait years for treatment.
    • Mrs Booth, who cares for her housebound husband, said she would not let the attack stop her going out, although she still thought about it constantly.
    • A disabled man said he would be left housebound for months because he must wait to be assessed for equipment he needs to help him walk.
    • A disabled York man claims he will be made housebound and jobless if his specially-adapted car is taken from him.
    • Meals are provided 365 days a year to those who are elderly and housebound and unable to cook a hot meal for themselves.
    • The sick and housebound will be visited at the usual times.
    • All housebound parishioners will be able to receive Holy Communion on Christmas Day from the Eucharistic Ministers.
    • He was virtually housebound, unable to comb his hair or even make a cup of tea.
    • The last delay came on Thursday, leaving Mr Lewis, a support worker at a unit for youngsters with disabilities, practically housebound.
    • The service will also include home visits for some housebound pensioners and disabled people.
    • They provide over 400 hot Sunday meals for housebound Londoners with Aids-related illness.
    • A disabled couple were left virtually housebound when heartless thieves stole their car with their wheelchair inside it.
    • What about elderly, disabled or housebound residents or people on low incomes who have to pay fares to get to the town hall?
    • A home library service in Pendle is appealing for more housebound customers after it became inundated with eager volunteers.
    • Despite months of hospital treatment and seven operations, Lauren is still unable to walk without the aid of crutches and is virtually housebound.
    • Well done indeed to all who visited elderly or housebound neighbours during last week's stormy conditions to make sure that all was well.