Translation of househusband in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhaʊsˌhəzbənd//ˈhaʊsˌhʌzbənd/



  • 1

    hombre que se ocupa de la casa mientras su mujer sale a trabajar
    amo de casa masculine humorous
    • I wonder if IT support men really are house husbands who work from home?
    • A house husband got more than he bargained for when he decided to have his ponytail chopped off for charity.
    • The second mistake is insuring the family's breadwinner and forgetting to insure a non-working partner, such as a housewife or house husband.
    • Marnie hesitated for a half second too long, looking at the man who'd designated himself as her house husband.
    • Women achievers, however, find it difficult to find men willing to sacrifice their careers to become house husbands.
    • But the 38-year-old house husband proved he has an eye for a bargain by claiming a basketful of prizes worth thousands of pounds.
    • When Marnie feels stronger, I'd like to be her house husband so she can work.
    • I'm more like a house husband with a well paid hobby.
    • You often describe your house husband days as dreary and full of angst.
    • However I've been a house husband since 1988 at home with the kids, and I'm here virtually 20 hours a day.
    • I'm sure you could work around your duties as a house husband.
    • Its effects and products touch the statesman and the soldier, the house husband and the grocer.
    • He's not a house husband, although he has a separate detached office on our property where he does his work and his painting.
    • However, Curly must have feared he'd turned into a dead end when he gave up his job as manager at a supermarket to become a house husband, looking after baby Ben.
    • My son is now a house husband and part-time senior cardiograph technician working between two hospitals looking after two children.
    • I became the house husband, and got quite good at cooking gourmet meals in our very nicely equipped kitchen.
    • ‘There was no way, however, that I was turning into a house husband,’ he said.
    • Had we claimed Jonathan to be a house husband or something, then my cover letter would have been fine to show we were financially capable of leasing.
    • I became a house husband, actually, for a little while.
    • Is he on a different shift, is he a house husband?