Translation of housekeeping in Spanish:


gobierno de la casa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhaʊskiːpɪŋ//ˈhaʊsˌkipɪŋ/


  • 1

    (running of home)
    gobierno de la casa masculine
    • They stopped being taught things like ironing, housekeeping, serving.
    • She was in her 90th year but insisted on doing her own baking and housekeeping.
    • And, the Marina turned a great leveller as hotel employees cutting across echelons - from general manager to housekeeping staffer - joined hands to give the beach a face-lift.
    • Thus skills were taught with regard to childcare, cooking, housekeeping, handicrafts, raising chickens, cattle and pigs, growing vegetables and fruits.
    • While the definition of women's work has expanded, that of men's work has not, and women who work full-time outside the home are still expected to do all the cooking and housekeeping.
    • For her, hospital management was simply good housekeeping.
    • Helene employed household help, but Cullman's German housewives prided themselves on their industriousness and housekeeping without servants.
    • The facility will provide 24-hour staffing, assistance with medication, housekeeping, laundry, meal service and exercise and activity programs.
    • And if you have a housekeeper, you know once your housekeeper comes, you're probably not inclined to do heavy cleaning, maybe light housekeeping.
    • Margrith has trained young, aspiring hospital and old age home managers to be, in housekeeping, specializing in cooking.
    • I am able to stay at home while both my parents work; I help them with housekeeping and some cooking.
    • As well as having to cater for more than 100 people each day, she had to organise cleaning and housekeeping for residents, manage a licensed bar, look after hospitality services and produce menus in Braille.
    • I think housekeeping is closely linked to homemaking.
    • Although this column, like its predecessors, devoted some space to fashion tips and general good housekeeping, it did begin to bring discussions of women's role in Ireland out of the purely domestic sphere.
    • While staying at Maitri, the Indian station, she was obliged to perform all duties, including cooking, clearing snow, burning garbage and housekeeping.
    • ‘For the last two years I have not had to bother about cooking and housekeeping, the main worries of a housewife,’ says Mrs. Kamath.
    • Moreover, the content of the magazines still deals with typical women's issues, such as beauty, cooking and housekeeping.
    • I've met many more British women who really understand the details of housekeeping.
    • He is in control of the money coming into the household and the amount that is available for housekeeping, she has to manage the daily expenditure.
    • Still, if it wasn't for the team, we would only be pestering our partners or getting on with the decorating and housekeeping!
  • 2also housekeeping money

    dinero (para los gastos) de la casa masculine
  • 3

    tareas de reorganización de los ficheros feminine
    • Zoning's legal defense relied upon the same faith in middle-class domesticity that supported municipal housekeeping.
    • Operations means everything from accounting to sales to front desk to housekeeping, and Priti Patel has done it all.
    • Allen, one of television's most powerful men - and rewarded as such, with a package approaching £1.9 million - has had little time lately for office housekeeping.
    • The key maintenance areas to making sure any elevator operates best are housekeeping, repair, lubrication and adjustment, Bell says.
    • Risks may stem from design, manufacture, maintenance, storage, housekeeping, or a lack of user competence.
    • In 1988, after twenty years with the journal, Alice performed that final ritual of office housekeeping.
    • Again, start with some simple automation of the most regular housekeeping tasks, and then build in more automation as the processes mature.
    • Lately we've been doing a lot of housekeeping at our publishing offices.
    • All entries were judged on the basis of customer service, merchandising, housekeeping, health & safety and management systems.
    • Control channels are responsible for housekeeping tasks such as telling the mobile when a call is coming in and which frequency to use.
    • Before we go any further, some administrative housekeeping demands immediate attention.
    • Meat outlets should be directed to cut down their waste generation by adopting good housekeeping practices.
    • There is an obvious lack of good housekeeping in that the building has been left to fall into such a state of disrepair.
    • In addition, the process makes the job easier and allows better housekeeping and maintenance.
    • Besides improving its own agricultural housekeeping, Punjab must immediately demand from the Centre the following.
    • Hydraulic systems will make or break a modern logging operation, and as the experts tell us, much of it depends on your maintenance regime and housekeeping.
    • Good housekeeping and managing the risk will secure a better deal.
    • For example, an organization might out-task facility preventive maintenance, housekeeping or engineering.
    • But LEAs should play the same role of assuring good housekeeping by heads as they did helping schools to improve, the Commission concluded.
    • We are still in the early stages and there is not a real panic - we just need good housekeeping.